Friday, December 4, 2009

~Friday Field Trip! RAK DAY! Chipboard GIVEAWAY!~

Good morning all you beautiful crafters!
Today, I am so excited to go on a field trip with my 2nd grader!
How fun it is being a mom!

Yesterday I finished my Recipe project for Purple Cows...
here is a little sneaky peek!
Also this week...another project will be going up on Purple Cows...
Clear embellishment TAGS! Using your handy dandy Laminator
OR Clear Scraps Acrylic!!!
Here is just one fo the tags I made, there will be more and a full
instruction sheet for them, so you can try your hand at them!OK now, on to business right? LOL
VIJI Where are you girl?? You won on my blog a KIT!
And I lost ya!
If anyone knows VIJI please let her know!

And for today's giveaway!
How do you qualify?
Follow my blog!
Also not a requirement but...
PLEASE make sure to follow the Purple Cows Blog and let them know
Pinky sent you! There is only a couple weeks left and I need
a few more people to follow!
50 would rock! 25 would be enough! I want to show them I am working hard
So go here!
Purple Cows
Tell them PINKY sent you and FOLLOW! :)

Dream Street Chipboard mini album!

Cosmo Cricket Buck Naked Chipboard Ornaments!
This is a nice BIG Package!!!!And
Making Memories game board shapes STARS!

So it's a great RAK about 20.00 in goodies!
Please pass the word along!
Will be drawing a name by Monday or Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by!
~I appreciate every visit!~
~Have a beautiful Thursday~


Colleen said...

I have used those buck naked ornaments before. Cosmo Cricket had a paper line that went with the ornaments. Oh it was so much fun to make them up. Have fun on the field trip.

Helen said...

Have fun on the field trip!! I haven't had the chance to do that in a while.

Lesa said...

Have a great time field tripping! Love your clear tag and the sneak peek! Those lollipops are tempting!

A Sarasota said...

Have a great time on the trip.
Love the cosmo cricket!

Jocelyn said...

Have a great time on the field trip....I am so happy to see the excitement in each post!!!

Things are good for you right now and you soooooo deserve it!!

Love ya!!!

Crystal said...

i am so lovin' the sneaky peek! it looks darn cute and i can't wait to see the rest of it! adorable tags too! so lovin' the chipboard ornaments too! hugs!

Michelle said...

OK Pinky - I am following the Purple Cows blog on Facebook and I want to see your recipe book. :o)

CrystalBee said...

A field trip? FUN! I remember looking forward to those in school. Have a blast with your 2nd grader!! :D

Love the "sneak peek" - ADORABLE! The chipboard cut-outs look like they would be great to work with.

Good luck to everyone!!

Sandy Hentzel said...

Very cool giveaway! Have fun on your trip!

Heather said...

Great giveaway! Have fun on your field trip!

Jingle said...

Your projects look so cute! Love the tag and the recipe one is looking like a great one!

Pink Heather said...

First time visiting. Loving what I see. I'm now a loyal follower :)

Cori-Lyn said...

Hey stranger! I have missed you... life has been just so crazy lately. Hope you are settled and happy in your new home!
Have fun on the field trip!!

BarefootFairyMum said...

Follow Pinky: Check!
Follow Purple Cows: Check!

Suzy said...

Thanks for the chance to win! Great RAK. Have a wonderful weekend, Suzy

Rissa said...

How was the field trip? My 3rd grader went on one today and i couldn't go with *sniff sniff* What a great RAK, thanks for the chance.

Nikki Love said...

terrific Give-Away Pinky!!!! Love your new creations and already a follower of both :)

Scrapfaire said...

Oh Pinky, Viji is a fiskateer...I'll send her a pm for you. LOVE the project for purple cows and GREAT TAG!!! HUGS!!!

Viji Siddharth said...

Wow! I actually won!!!! That is so cool! thanks Pinky!! I am so excited! Charity just messaged me to tell me that!

You have a fun trip! Love the cosmo goodies!
I am fiskateer no 5858!

Viji Siddharth said...

I mean viji5858

Brittney said...

I can't wait to see the complete project!

Lisamariemlt said...

ok count me really dumb
I went to Purple Cow
but how do I give you credit for sending me?????????
just call me blonde lol
no insult ment to any other blondes

Lisamariemlt said...

oh and if yah want I created a forum for scrapbook friends
I will post there for people to go give yah support
so make the directions really simple when it comes to giving you credit
I am so duhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Wow! SO cute!! I would love some extra chipboard!! Coolio! ;)


Unknown said...

OK how to go to Purple Cows and give me credit.
Go to this blog address
Become a follower and leave a comment anywhere saying Pinky or Cristal Sent me...that's it!

OR if you don't do blogs, go to the Purple Cows Fan Page on Facebook (there is a link on the and become a fan and leave a comment telling them Pinky sent ya!
I would so much appreciate it!

Lisamariemlt said...

hey girlie
left a note saying you sent me
and put a blurb on my forum
it's nothing much of a forum but a place to go cause everywhere I went was closing and I just wanted a place where friends could keep being friends
I'm heading to bed
hey how was the field trip???
love yah

Unknown said...

I feel ya, all my good spots have closed or changed hands too! Seems to be the scrappy wave.
The field trip was special, my son was tickled pink to have mom there!
I thought only a couple parents would be there but like 25 showed up! It was real nice.
Thanks for remembering!
get some rest love!

Aphra Bolyer said...

Ooooo.....what a great RAK. I'm off to Purple Cows to tell them that you sent me. Hope you get your 25!

Jessica said...

What fun!!! A field trip! I used to love them when my 'boys' were boys:) I hope you had a wonderful time! Merry Christmas

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Woo Hoo!! I hope you are the lucky Pinky who won on Tim Holtz's blog today!

Love the cosmo buck naked stuff! I just picked some up at the lss and am making some cute ornaments for the tree.

Merry Christmas!

Georgina said...


Marianne B in AZ said...

Pinky, I love the clear tags! I will be glad when some how my life gets simple and I can take the time to do some of your fun new projects.

Also, for some reason, I don't think I've gone to Purple Cow and told them you sent me yet. I will do it now. I think I started to once and something didn't go quite right.

Kelly Sas said...

Pinky you are always Working Hard! You amaze me with how much you do in one day - field trips, video demonstrations, moving into a new house, Tim's Tag's, on and on! You are my hero and I aspire to be you because you do it all so amazingly awesome!

Kelly Sas said...

Forgot to mention that I did leave a message on Purple Cow and keep on leaving messages on Fiskateer's cuz that is the place I usually catch your messages to do this. I am also Kelly #6558