Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~Snowflake Wreath Tutorial and SFIO GIVEAWAY!!~

Good morning, after a tumultuous morning
trying to video tape this tutorial! LOL
I went and set everything up (about 30 minutes) then
went and set up the camera, got Gage all quiet...
started recording...then the dreaded BEEP...BATTERY EXHAUSTED
which normally would not be so bad but I had to call hubby
to find the charger since half our belongings are still in boxes!
So here is the Snowflake Wreath Ornament, it is double sided (or can be)
and using scraps is a great way to make it!
Just like the Advent Calendar I used my new favorite glue Helmar 450
That stuff holds wicked good on altered projects!And here is the video how to, it cut short on the end, sorry about that,
but you get the gist of it! :)

Hope you make one and share with me!

You really do have to check out Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
They are an amazing group of supportive women and the kits
are just beautiful and focused on inner beauty and self exploration.
Do you want to win one of their amazing kits?
Check it out!

OK that is about it for me today!
I still have a sick child at home and need to finish up a fun project for
Purple Cows!! Woohoo~!

~Thank you for stopping by~
~Hope you have a great day and enjoy the video~


Unknown said...

Hi Miss Pinky! Saw your name on Scrapscene - congrats on the DT! And I am now headed to watch your snowflake wreath tutorial - love this idea! XOXO Niki

Lisa's Scrap Site said...


Stephanie said...

love it. It'll go even faster on my Cricut and I have some glitter paper-very cool. :)

Rissa said...

I love it!!!! Gonna check out the tut after my kids quiet down

Cheryl Boglioli said...

How cute. I love the bling on the ribbon. What a great idea.

Jocelyn said...

LOVE THIS!!!!! So very cute...I have to make some!!! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!!!

Hoping Gage is feeling better soon!!!! :-)

connie said...

Pinky I love it! thanks for the tutorial. Hope Gage is feeling better.

A Sarasota said...

I'm going to try it!
Hope your son is better.

Tanya said...

Very pretty! I may try this! Thank you for sharing!!

Michelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous Pinky! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny B in Indy said...

I have this punch so I'm totally making this. Love it!

Kray said...

I love that wreath! Love the colors in it too! I will have to make one. Thanks for sharing all of your work. Have fun unpacking the rest of your stuff.

Jessica said...

Thank you Oh Pink One! I was hoping to find this in the next da or two, so I can make some as gifts and for our own tree! Thanks a bunch, and Merry Christmas

Ginger said...

So cool, Cristal! fantastic tutorial!

BarefootFairyMum said...

I'm making one for each of my in-laws for Christmas. I save all my scraps and love using them. Thanks for such a wonderful project!

Devonne said...

I love it! I am gonna make some of these this week. thanks for sharing.