Tuesday, December 29, 2009

~The New year is coming, time for my FAVE 5!~

I got this idea from a friend, to blog
my favorite Layouts from 2009 and I thought...
"what a great idea!! I am going to do it!"
I would love to see your favorite 5 of 2009 as well!
If you post them on your blog please let me know,
I want to see what you created too!

This one will forever be a fave for me.
A complete labor of love, this sweet baby passed on this year.
I made it for her mother after we raised some money to help
with costs and anything else.
Honestly I cried and cried the entire time, totally worth it!
I picked this LO because it was so painful to make
but so therapeutic as well.
Complete raw honesty, I was really proud of myself that
I just sucked it up and did it without worrying what people
would think of how I felt...it was a freeing moment for sure.
I picked this one because I really feel like I
caught the emotion in it, we had taken Gage on his first train ride
it was such a passionate moment for him and
I adored this picture...I was just gushing while I scrapped it.
And this one...OMG LOL such a funny story in Texas
with a bunch of scrap friends...it was hilarious and just one
of those moments you want to remember forever.
I had to include this one because it just reminds me of a GREAT year!
And how scrapbooking has changed my life for the better
how crafting has fostered lifelong beautiful kind friends.

And last but far from least, my favorite photo of the year!
My beautiful father and son shot.
The layout is not overly done, but it was one of my first published
works and I almost cry when I look at it.
They are only young once....
Honestly I think I could have done TEN, I have so many favorites
not because they are the best pages ever but because of the amazing
memories they bring to light.
That is what scrapping and crafting is all about.
Not having the biggest and best, not spending the most or
being published the most, but looking back with tears of joy, pain, anger,
or comfort and remember that journey....the entire road behind you.
I cannot wait for a fresh 2010!

New adventures, new travels...
This year I plan on going to Kentucky to teach at a convention
I plan on going to Chicago!! yes that's right I am
planning the big one CHA!
And hopefully a trip to Chattanooga, and maybe even Florida...
Should be a great year!

Thanks for sharing in my journey this year!
~Have a beautiful last Tuesday of 2009~


Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

wow Pinky GREAT layout choices! I didn't even make 5 this year I don't think!!!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Great idea, I'm going to do this too!

Georgina said...

what a great idea... love all the LO's.. the first one made my sad too =(
and unfortunately, I didn't get to scrap much this year so maybe it'll be easy for me to pick my 5 top.. but how hard must it have been for YOU?! DANG girl..you have scrapped a ton this year... =)
I kinda miss the group-it 'forced' me to scrap =)

Kray said...

These are great! I agree, 5 is not enough!

Jocelyn said...

Loved these sweet friend....

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year filled with good health, happiness, much love and many smiles!!!! :-)

I just adore you!!!!

Tkat said...

i love this idea -- i'm gonna do it as well. i scrapped a lot this year...so i shouldn't have trouble coming up with five...although i might have to make it top 10 'cause i have so many favs!!! LOL

i especially love the first layout. it's sad...but truly lovely!

Colleen said...

Lovely layouts. You are so talented and I love how much honesty to put on a page. You have inspired me. I am going to try and pick my Top layouts of the year. Haven't scrapped for a few months but there are a few that I like. you can check out my blog at
www.cleancreate.blogspot.com just give me time to post them.

Poeticgarden.com said...

ok that was tough but I finally did it
...well actually (6) lol :o) because one was a set, does that count?

Thanks for reminding me to stick to my dreams kkrafts.blogspot.com

main website at: poeticgarden.com

Poeticgarden.com said...
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Maureen said...

great layouts Pinky. The one you did of precious Ellie is so beautiful.

Me-Ma Kim said...

I posted my Fave 5!
Happy New Year!
Me-Ma Kim

Nicole said...

love your idea, i didn't do many lo this year! the one of Ellie was so great, made me cry!!!

Nicole said...

love your idea, i didn't do many lo this year! the one of Ellie was so great, made me cry!!!

Nicole said...

love your idea, i didn't do many lo this year! the one of Ellie was so great, made me cry!!!