Monday, December 7, 2009

~Monday Magic, Christmas spirit is here!~

It's no secret I LOVE LOVE the holidays,
it's not the shopping, the food, or even the gifts.
It is family , pure and simple!
I love that most have a day or two or 5 off, the kids are out of school
and we get time to spend together doing whatever brings us closer.
This weekend we went to the Christmas Tree Farm with friends,
baked cookies while listening to Christmas music, and had
a very unexpected game night.

Since no scrapping was done I thought I would share a few pictures...
This is my son, I gave them all Santa hats, and clearly
he was NOT going to wear one at any cost! LOLThis is the money shot babay! I wanted this shot all year and
screamed across the field..."TAKE HIS HAND!!" LOL
That's right, I am NOT ashamed the scrapbooker popped right out, and
forced them to pose for momma! LOL
So that was just a glimpse of our weekend...
My entire life I wanted to live in a quiet country home ...
doors and hearts always open for company.
This week has truly been a blessing and it feels like home at last.

TOMORROW I will be drawing the name for the Chipboard RAK!
and I wanted to take one second to share with you some fun news!

You know the little tutorial video I made the other day?
The Snowflake Wreath?
Well, I bragged on Helmar in the video because...well honestly?
I love Helmar glue! It works fast enough to grab and stick and it last forever!
I use it all the time when I can find it...
well I get a little email asking if they could feature it on the Helmar Blog!
I was like..."Ummm heck ya!!"
So please go by and check it out!

I would love to show them I did send people their way! :)
OK back to real life and crafting right?
Today I decorate the tree with the boys and hopefully make some fudge!
Also I have some fun Imaginisce projects coming right up!
~Thank you for stopping by~
~Your words and kindness always blow me away I am truly blessed!~
~Have a great Monday~


Kray said...

Saw your photos on FB. Christmas is definitely a great time of the year to spend with family and friends.

You should enlarge the photo of the hubby and Gage and put it on the wall...that is a great photo!

Jocelyn said...

Love these photos!!!! PERFECT and I see lots of great pages coming in the near future!!! So glad that you are so deserve it sweet friend!!! :-)

Andrea Murdock said...

these are amazing photos and I am so happy to hear of your wonderful holiday weekend. I spent some time reading your blog basically from the beginning and I am so honoured to read your survivor story. I'm proud of you and I don't even know you tee hee. I am so glad you are getting your deserve them 100%. Oh...and I LOVE the pink hair!!

Rissa said...

Great Photos...i would have yelled grab his hand too!! lol Unexpecte game night, we had one of those last night too. We ended up playin Guesstures :) it was a HOOT!! Enjoy decorating the tree and i hope you get to make that fudge

Liz said...

Awesome... You are a regular suppa star these days gal....
Pics are great love the one that is black and white.

Kelly Sas said...

You are really on a roll Pinky. You deserve all the happiness you are receiving. You work hard each day at all the things you love and you still finding time to give back to others! I really admire you and would love to meet you some day.


Stephanie said...

hey, thanks for finding time for lunch with me in all that fun you were having. It was good to see you again and to meet Micki. Can't wait for our next bit of time together!

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Congrats on finding your nice new peaceful digs gf! That photo of your guys hunting down the perfect tree ROCKS!