Sunday, December 27, 2009

~Christmas is over, time to get crafty!~

Good evening all my crafty friends...
I spent yesterday recovering from a 6am wake up call
on Christmas was DARK and the boys
were raring to go!

I really have nothing crafty to share today.
Yes, it's true I did SCRAP all day!
I finished a special project for Purple Cows,
I made my FIL a birthday card,
I finished 4 pages...
and a full tutorial,
but you will just have to wait until I can reveal! :)

Meanwhile...I wanted to share a little bit of personal schtuff!
(Sorry was a no makeup night for me LOL)
If you know me at all you know my most favorite thing
in the world is HELLO KITTY!
Hubby is sweet enough to indulge my little girly whims
by making sure I receive many Hello Kitty goodies each year.
Besides they are cheaper then the big girl toys I usually want LOL
Also my Pink DS is great for those 30 minute school waits every day!
So this was a fun Christmas Eve gift...

And normally I don't expect or ask for expensive gifts,
I was so hapy to get utensils and what not for Christmas morning
but then hubby brought in a BIG was UGGS!
OMG I have wanted these for years now, I am so pleased!
Nice warm feet for years to come, what could be better!
And isn't this fat jolly fella fun?
I found Cracker Barrel for 50% off!
He was my one little Christmas decor splurge this year!
I think he is so fun and the boys will enjoy him for many years!

Ok that's a wrap up for our quaint, sweet and very peaceful Christmas.
We had a wonderful time with the boys, honestly I could
not ask for a more beautiful Christmas!
I had a few dear close "root" friends call.
That brought tears to my eyes...
I hope you all have a beautiful holiday as well....

~Love and joy to you all~
~Best Wishes, let's bring on the New Year!~


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

may i just look fantastic with or without makeup! loving hello kitty and nutcrackers!

glad you had a merry xmas... as i did!

can't wait to start 2010!!!

Ziggyeor said...

awesome :D cool on the Hello Kitty stuff and your new boots :D Glad you had a merry Christmas

Rissa said...

I love me some hello kitty :) Glad you had a wonderful holiday

Jocelyn said...

Love the pics.....LOVE THE UGGS!!! I got them too and have never wanted to spend that kind of money on boots...but they are so comfortable!!!! I will take a pic..and we will have to do a LO together!!!!!

You look stunning with no makeup!!! Love the Jolly little Santa!!!!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!! Love ya girlie!!!

Liz said...

Ah how sweet he is

sarah said...

awesome presents!!! :) let's just say that i had to do my christmas splurging as well! haha. :)

hope you have a great week (and new year)!


Tona said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day!

Elizabeth Sanchez said...

i made the hubs buy me that hk ds cover set when the kingdom hearts game came out on ds... now i'm playing the new zelda and i kinda don't like it!