Thursday, February 7, 2013

~1.00 Crafting-Tiny Hands, BIG HEARTS Thanks Michaels!~

Good morning my crafty friends and happy Thursday!

What a week so far, nothing but sick kids, crazy weather and half days.
Yesterday I had not only a 3 hour day at school but 2 kids home and I 
decided since I would also have 2 extra friends around I would go ahead and 
have a craft day. So I hit up the local Michael's store and bought 1.00 supplies
(because yes in fact I am a selfish scrap whore and couldn't stand the thought
of 6.00 bottle pearl pens and 5.00 stickers going on these) LOL
I spent 10.00 and ended up with 50% off foam tote of hearts,
1.00 stamp, 1.00 ink, 1.00 glitter glues, and I bought a Value Pack
of 4X6 cardstock. I cut each piece in half and scored that in half for 
each Valentine card. 
 Of course when they started they decided they needed to "seal"
the cards, so I had the perfect solution...a huge roll of washi tape! :) 
 They literally crafted for 2 hours and it was so cheap!
 I made several examples of cards for them to work off of. 
And of course I brought out my punches I had on hand. 
This was on of Austyn's cards...even the boys crafted. 
I think in scrapbooking it's easy to get lost in having the latest and
greatest and all the nice brand names, but really you can make
 amazing goodness with BIG hearts, tiny hands, and 1.00 products 
from Michaels! :) We did and it was priceless. 

No my tiny Valentine's won't make it into Creating Keepsakes or
Martha Stewart craft magazine...but I love them and the kids 
made them and handed them to each other, that was the most adorable 
thing ever! I even had one handed to me!! :) 

*by a boy* haha

Go have some fun today! :) Craft it on the cheap....
actually forget crafting by yourself, go find a kid who thinks
that 1.00 glitter glue is like magic fairy gold worth
500.00!! Watch their eyes shine!! :) 


Ziggyeor said...

Oh that's great. I used to love doing things like that with the kids at the daycare. You couldn't have enough stickers though I had to use it to teach counting skills otherwise one kid would use the whole darn sheet! said...

Such a terrific post! Enjoyed it!