Friday, February 22, 2013

New Acrylic Class ONLY 14.00! :)

Good morning and happy Friday my friends, 
I have a NEW online class to share!

This one is a little different, it is only 14.00 
and it is ONE week long instead of 4 weeks. 
4 FULL lessons in 1 week! :) 
We changed it up a bit and I love it. 

Usually I don't make full blog posts
to promote my classes but I wanted to share because so many
ask me about acrylic classes and I don't get around like I used to with
these back issues. 
This is an ONLINE ONLY class- 4 lessons, 1 card each lesson! :) 
Sign Up Here- the class begins March 20th!

Four fresh bright cards techniques the same as Pinky's published cards in popular scrapbook and card magazines!
This Acrylic Card Class is the next step in card making! Pinky will show you how to make 4 very unique acrylic cards while teaching you step by step techniques for maximizing your acrylic. Step by step videos 40+ minutes! FOUR separate cards.
Each week a new technique for working with acrylic and a new design for each card. From embossing to stamping you will leave class LOVING acrylic!
Techniques used:
  • Getting comfortable with acrylic
  • Embossing acrylic
  • Stamping acrylic
  • Cutting acrylic
  • Stitching acrylic
  • Using the right adhesives with acrylic
  • Inking acrylic and proper inks for acrylic

Student Comments:
"Seeing "videos" on this course was one of the major factors (beside cost) in signing up for this one! I think Crystal achieved the goal of the class, to show me how to use acrylics." Donna, MCC Student

"I loved this class - Pinky is great. The cards were lovely and simple to make. The class contained videos, which I feel are vital to the learning experience."Jeanne, MCC Student

"I loved the acrylic cards class. I have used them many times for various occasions. The instruction was easy to follow and very informative. Thanks for a great class." Maryanne, MCC Student

Ok enough of me today- I am off to get these kids moving! :) 

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Ziggyeor said...

aww cute cards. I still have that darn piece of acrylic you gave me a year or so ago that I never did anything with :p