Wednesday, February 13, 2013

~Chicks Man....CHICKENS that is! :) ~

Good morning my crafty friends, 
I have a few photos for you today because it is that time of year again,
you guessed it...CHICKEN TIME! :) 

I love this time of year, renewed amazing life popping up
all around-wonderful friends, beautiful flowers, amazing family time. 

Yesterday I stole sweet Bellarina and took her with me
to get new chickies. We got 6 babies this year (we have 9 full grown already). 
3 Easter Eggers, and 3 Orphington Chickens. 

You might remember we lost all of our Orphingtons last winter
to the coyotes here. Thankfully we made it through this winter
unscathed with a full batch. Just one lost due to a neighborhood dog. 

 Here is Daffodil, JEALOUS as ever! Begging for attention from Bells. 
Here is sweet girl helping me get them into their new home.

OH and I tried something for the first time this week....
Kings Cake! :) They turned out slightly dry, I think I overbaked them but 
good nonetheless. 
Here are the kids plowing into them on Mardi Gras.
I can't say it ever bothers me to have a full house! I love a house
full of family and friends. It warms my heart to have such beautiful
souls in my life. 
And to top it off, the best day ever!

Gage has been asking for a "Mommy date" so I took him out last night. 
He was very clear with the waitress we were on a date! haha
It was quite adorable. He picked Pizza Hut- I hate that place LOL
Anyways, nothing crafty- so sorry, just so much quality family/friend time,
I promise I will be back to creating today! 

Happy Hump Day! Thanks for popping by~



Dot said...

Looks like you had so much fun!!

Ziggyeor said...

Aww but it was a great day. Cute chicks and adorable Mom Date :)