Tuesday, February 19, 2013

~DIY Cupcake Stand Fun~

Good morning my friends, 
I have a fun random project today that I just made because I am
in love with this die! My friend Eileen Hull has amazing designs for
Sizzix and when I got my hands on this one I died a little bit! :) 

It is a Cupcake Stand & Pennant set, and I totally used the same stand
die to create this card and used the pennants on the card itself!
I ran the Cream Mat Board through my Sizzix, then did the same thing
with the papers I wanted to use. Then simply adhered the paper
to the Mat Board and assembled!
It was so easy and fun, I am glad I tried it! :) 
 I did not have a cupcake on hand (shocking I know LOL) so I created a 
faux "lace cupcake" instead. 
Here is the card I created using the same stand die. 
I just cut two and viola! 
 Of course I added tons of Liquid Pearls. 
Such a hand set to have on hand. 
 Oh and the paper is a combo of Pink Paislee and My Mind's Eye. 
I love to mix and match patterns.
I also dropped these Matte boards through my 5" Create A Sticker Machine
from Xyron- man it made applying the paper easy! 
Anyways I love the set, cannot wait to make more! Maybe
if I am super ambitious, I will make enough for a party....or maybe I will just
print photos of them and tell them what I was too tired to make LOL
One or the other!!!

Happy Tuesday my friends, and special thanks to Eileen, such a talented designer!


Ziggyeor said...

It understandable you didn't have a cupcake on hand, the boys ate them all. That's a cute set and I like how you used the base to make the card front.

eileen hull said...

I love your project Pinky! I especially like that you used all parts of the die in different ways-so creative! Also great techniques and photos. Thanks for using my die!

Kelly Sas said...

Just checked out the last 5 posts or so of yours and think,"gosh I wish I had more time in a day because I sure miss you and your amazing creativity"! Love your lace cupcake. I know, I know it isn't part of the paper crafting, but Pinky, how your brain works is so beyond cool! You just solve problems so creativly. Love the gender nuteral cards and think the red perasl are perfect. Hope you have a great week!