Wednesday, February 20, 2013

~Torture...Or Amazeballs??!!~

Good morning and happy Hump Day! I am ready for
the weekend I can tell you that! LOL

Remember the other day I said I had a feature on the 
VLVS blog? I just wanted to drop this layout on my blog
today really quick and share! :) Because it's so fun. 
I have to say my son is less than happy about the mustache LOL
I am not sure why but he was so mad I put one on him....
my response?? BUT IT FIT PERFECTLY!

I mean seriously often does a stamped mustache
fit perfectly onto a photo? umm next to NEVER! LOL

Love that kid, love that stamp...all fun stuff~ :) 
Thanks Viva Las VegaStamps for making such fun products
to torture my poor poor children! (which I call amazeballs of fun). 



jacque4u2c said...

Just love it!!!!!

Ziggyeor said...

aww poor Justice. And you're right it does fit perfectly!