Thursday, October 24, 2013

See Beauty And Autism Through My Eyes

Yes you have a wonderful child full of talent and grace, they will go far and be amazing. 
Probably class president, the most popular kid in school, breezing through with ease.
I see you looking at me like I am weird and I see you look at my child like he is a brat or spoiled. 
I hear those comments you make, even if you make them sound nice. That's fine. 
I am happy that you have such an amazing life and great kids, truly I am. 
Maybe you could look at me and my child with less judgmental eyes if just for today.

 You don't know what we deal with every day. 
You don't see my child being made fun of every day, 
struggle with being lonely and struggle with their lack of communication skills.
You see a child who screams or "melts down" but you don't see

the invisible pain and lack of ability to convey emotions and thoughts. 
You don't think what it must be like to not be able to speak or get the
words to the tongue whenever you want. That is a blessing many take for granted. 
And no, it's not because I am a bad parent and if I was more 
like you than it would be fixed. No I am not spoiling my child and allowing him to act out. 
It is because my amazing and beautiful child has Autism. 

My child who is just as amazing as your child, only different. 
My child who will change the world one day- 
my child will one day find their voice and find their way. 

It might not be the same way your child does everything, 
it might not be quite as easy or quite as fancy, 
we might not skate through with all the awards, 
but it will be BEAUTIFUL and a journey worthwhile. 
Sometimes the most beautiful butterfly is hidden in a 
cocoon that no one notices until it spreads it's wings. 
Sitting there silent in a darkened world waiting to fly. 

Love more, judge less, respect our journey-
 remember your looks and comments do hurt, even the strongest of us. 

As I sit committed to holding the hand of my incredible child and
I see the pain they carry and bear every single day.
I will cheer on your child and respect your amazing parenting skills,
 I will not feel "less than" or ashamed of my child or my life. 
I will admire your children and your blessed situation, as we are ALL blessed. 
I will stand proud and know in my heart that it takes ALL KINDS
to make the world go around. Not just the amazing so called "normal" people,
but the incredible emerging people who are different and think in other ways.

Today is my birthday and I thought that I would share my personal 

feelings on how I am perceived and judged. Not with hate or anger
but with more of a sad and heavy heart today. 

Have a beautiful day my friends. 


Dot said...

I love the saying that you used that says that a child is like a butterfly! It would make such a great wall plaque to create!

Belinda Basson said...

I admire moms like you, I have a neighbour with all the same issues as you just mentioned. Recently I was having a bad day in the shops and put my face in my hands and sighed, a man stopped and said "it can't be that bad", I told him to swap shoes for the day then ask me again...and I don't have all the issues you guys deal with, I was just having an awful day for my own reasons...I say it again, I admire you. and Happy Birthday, may it be a special one.

Unknown said...

What an outstanding Wall Hanging, Pinky, love it and would take pride of place in my house, any day Love and Hugs xxxx

Printable Art said...

Wow that would make a wonderful gift! absolutely gorgeous!! love it!

BethW said...

Your entry today is so moving and eloquent.Prayers,hugs and blessings for you and yours.