Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Craft-astrophe Epic Fail Tale...Laugh Along

Good morning friends, 
Wow Hump still feels like Monday.
Yesterday was full of epic fails and my crafting was no different!
I had to share with you all....
So you know when you are envisioning this fantastic project that is 
amazing and wonderful and you can see the details
I mean it's just going to be you DIVE RIGHT IN.
Who cares if you haven't tried it before, who cares if you can't find 
your favorite pair of are going to rock this!
Use your heat gun, use every glitter in the house, use paint...this is GOING to happen.
You get in halfway and you start to doubt yourself....
oh no...what's happening?? Maybe if I add more paint!
Maybe it needs more maybe it needs FLOWERS that don't match!

That it!!! 
Then it's too have invested and now it is EPIC.
Don't feel bad, don't feel happens to the best of us...
And to think...they call me a professional *Palm- Head*
So today I sit and giggle at my horrible day yesterday
that ended with a crazy craft experience. 
From the DMV and the best license photo ever-(not even close)
to all vomit over the inside of my car door (even in the pockets) covering handmade cards.

Then my Craft-astrophe@!&^%$ LOL

Now I tried it with amazing products- the incredible Clear Scraps 
and SEI and Beacon which is why I just have to laugh.

I encourage you to sit back and laugh WITH ME today, 
dont't take your art so seriously, enjoy the amazing products, chuckle
along and remember- YOU ARE NOT ALONE! LOL

Happy Hump Day!!!


Dot said...

My motto for everything is never give up, keep going! That goes for life in general to crafting, everything! Sometimes, all I can do is laugh at myself and move on forward! Things don't always go the way I intend! Boy that's for sure!!

My latest silly story to prove that is when I was watching 2 toddlers and we were just about to walk out the door to get the 2 older boys from school. One of the toddlers had an accident that required extensive bathroom time and the other fell and bumped his head! Needless to say, the 2 older boys were almost the last ones picked up from school that day!! So much for walking out the door on time!

Jess B. said...

Ha! Love what you had to say. I should have an EPIC WALL OF FAILED PROJECTS. I don't throw them away but use them as reference or maybe they will be used in some other method in a future project. TFS