Friday, November 2, 2012

~Halloween Photos- Hobbs Style~

Ok this is pretty much just a personal blog post today :) 

I wanted to share our little Halloween, the last one
with 3 children under 18 because our oldest turns 18 next year! (wow I know right).

We started the night putting GOLD eye shadow on sweet
Austyn, while I did my makeup. That was a fun time LOL
She applied and applied and applied it...I think she put on 13 layers
totally adorbs! :)  I mean she was WONDER WOMAN 
and every WW needs GOLD eyeshadow.
 Then  got ready as a rag doll. 
 Here is Justice's Morph Suit (don't worry I don't understand it either).
 My crazy glitter eyelashes that sand blasted my eyes all night.
I won't ever wear those again! OMG glitter fell into my eyes all night long! UGH~
 And the wonderful picture taking begins....notice the red man...
yes and my Gage who was pissed I was taking photos and pissed he had to go. 
It was a HOT MESS....20 photos to follow, all worse than the last LOL

 This is the point I literally screamed "FINE SCREW YOU ALL" and stomped inside
like a 5 year old...yes I did and I am not ashamed. Ok maybe I am 
ashamed a little bit...LOL But they totally exasperated me!!!
 Red man begging me to keep taking photos LOL 
Note the mouth it open every single time.
Then friends all arrive at my house so we can head out to another friend's house. 
The funny part is, I snagged photos of these ones but then forgot the next batch to arrive LOL

Here is a blurry shot of Kevin because he was trying
to moon me and I was too slow to catch it. 
Trust me- he thought it was hysterical!
And the cutest Wonder Woman EVAH! :) Iron man too!

This boy hates photos so I took extra~
And after a nice night of Trick Or Treating with 13 children and  9 adults
we lost af few kids before this photo and I am sure the girl have better shots
but I was using my good old iphone LOL

Clearly you can see Gage is VERY Happy after I forced him to go.
I guess candy does heal all wounds! LOL

And that's the Hobbs Halloween recap-
Good times, GREAT friends, Fantastic kids! :) 



Margie said...

I was totally laughing reading your post-I.Have.Been.There so many times with my own kids-they get so tired of my picture taking, lol! Luckily, they are all ice cream fiends, so now I just prepare for it and bribe the heck out of them!

Jenny's Heart said...

LMBO! Well at least it appears the Justice had a blast for the entire event! Love that kid, his poses are cracking me up. Though...yeah...I don't get it