Thursday, November 8, 2012

~Spanking Ourselves With Meat.....~

Warning, if you don't have a twisted sense of humor, 
this probably isn't the post for you! haha

Good morning my crafty lovelies! :) 

I have a fun little card to share today with one of my favorite stamp companies
Viva Las Vegastamps of course...I mean much more fun can it get?
This was posted on yesterday's blog by ME!
You gotta go check it out :) 
Yes, I am weird but you know sometimes life is so deadly serious
it's nice to just be a little crazy and weird and do something
completely off the I don't know....running around for 
10 years with PINK HAIR! haha 
Life's too short to be so serious, have a little fun today in the name of
Pinky and getting weird! :) 
(oh and the Miracle Tape I used! haha love that sticky stuff). 

You know my friends are all looking at this wondering if they are the LUCKY
recipient of this card....bwhahaha....spin the wheel now...who's going
to get the crazy card from Pinky!! haha

Happy Thursday!



Rachel OCrowley said...

I love this saying! Cute card!

Jenny's Heart said...
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Jenny's Heart said...

LMBO Hysterical! I love the saying and it is cracking me up because I can just picture