Monday, April 4, 2016

Special Kids 5K Race- Autism Mini Album

Hey there friends, happy Monday. 
Recently I had the opportunity to experience a wonderful show
of support from a friend who ran a 5K for my son with Autism. 
My son was even able to run the last 100 yards or so with him. 
It was such a beautiful experience that I decided to take the photos and turn them 
into a min album for my son who I want to be able to really
remember that day with visuals of course. 
I used the April Kit from Creating Made Easy to create the album and I am in love.
I lost several friends when my son was diagnosed because instead of making
 excuses for how my son acted and people treated him, I no longer accepted those
 behaviors and it really made me realize I didn't have to accept shitty behavior from
people for myself either. 
If I was going to advocate for my Autistic son then I needed to show him, I do
not allow that treatment for myself either. I don't want him to think it's ok 
for people to treat him like garbage and he just has to take it. 
So for JD to do this, it meant so very much! The support I have found from
amazing people far outweighs the loss!
Thank you JD!


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