Thursday, March 20, 2014

RECYCLE Spring Storage Idea With Xyron

Hey there friends and NON CRAFTERS today!
 I am veering off my usual card and scrapbook posts
 today with a VERY EASY
storage idea for everyone doing that Spring cleaning!
And it literally took like 5 minutes out of my life. 
Which is perfect for me, because I barely have 2 seconds some days. 

I am a huge fan of recycling, as I was a Oregon native- so this
project is right up my alley. I saw people use TP rolls before 
for cord storage but they were so ugly, and being crafty and pink..
umm NO can't let that happen. So I dug out scraps of Teresa Collins 
paper and trimmed it to 4" (measure your rolls because each vary between 4 and 4 1/2")
 I trimmed the paper to 7" long because I wanted to get a really good 
adhesion- so it wouldn't roll back off- paper to paper.

Run paper through Xyron 5" Creative Station.
Make sure to use the permanent cartridge.
 Rub. Peel. Stick.
 Roll toilet paper onto sticky side. 
 That's it!
 If you are feeling like you want some glam you can totally add
a ribbon or bow too. Plus the bows make it easy to hang on a hook. 
Here it is with a perry bow on it :) 
And by the way, darned if I could find white extension cords, I
looked in every box and even tried the store! So green it is LOL

Ok off to my son's Autism appointment today- 
so much anxiety on these days! Have a great one friends
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to PIN THIS! :) 


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