Friday, March 28, 2014

Not Xyron But Should Be! Map A Lamp!

Hey there! 
This week I was inspired by the Xyron board on Pinterest
Not Xyron But Should be- so I thought I would TACKLE this
Map Lampshade project....

After a few fails (on my part) I finally got it! LOL
First of all I could not find a vintage map anywhere and trust me I looked!
So I decided to distress my own map using Spritz in brown and a light
dusting of gold spray paint because I wanted it shimmery too. 
 After it dried I crinkled it a bit because I wanted an artsy textured feel.
Then I cut it into 9" strips. 
 I ran the strips through my Xyron 9" Creative Station 
(which by the way EVERY home needs one!)
 I then peeled the clear plastic adhesive film off and tore the 
map into strips and applied. I did it in strips because #1 I could not find a straight 
lampshade. #2 I wanted more texture on the shade. 
I actually love the textured result- very artsy! :) 
What do you think??
It literally took me an hour when I got it all figured out.
Happy Friday friends~

Products Used:Xyron 9" Creative Station , Maps, Paper lampshade.



LeslieRahye said...

♥ it!! Xyron is PERFECT for this project!

Belinda Basson said...

great idea. Now I would add some ink to pick out the texture more! But then I am a Tim junkie!

Virginia said...

Fun project idea!

Virginia said...

Fun project idea!