Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~Soul Friends- Enjoying The Journey~

Good morning my friends, 
You will find me quite scattered this week as tonight I drive
into Nashville and pick up my in laws! :) And the Christmas vacation begins. 

But before that I wanted to share a couple things with you...
a project I created for Connie Crystal and a special moment yesterday. 
You can find a tutorial on this card/tag gift set project on Connie Crystal
I am just sharing a sneak, not the entire project! Go check it out...
I also used all the goodness from Jinger Adams...*beautiful*
As I create it is always like therapy, this has been an eventful year
but  it also has forged the best relationships as well, so for that I am so blessed
and extremely happy. I am finding peace from the very dark years of my past. 

Yesterday my close friend Shauna, brought me this gift...the most heartfelt
gift I think I have ever recieved. It brought me to tears...and I wanted to share 
with you because it is such an amazing idea....
 This beautiful necklace with this note inside...I just cannot think of a
more heartfelt thing to do or a sweeter gift for a friend. 
I was humbled and blown away. 
 For me Christmas is never about the gifts and definitely about friendship
and love and sharing. (For me that's crafting and baking up a storm!!)
This really choked me up and I am so blessed to have such amazing 
strong women in my life. She is not the only one I am blessed with but 
I can say this Christmas is very special...I am enjoying
the journey, every amazing moment-
and I hope you all have the most amazing holiday season as well. 
~Merry Christmas~


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