Thursday, August 30, 2012

~Stamping On Fabric- Fabric Card Tutorial~

Good morning my crafty friends! :) 

I have a fun post today, you know I am designing with Avocado Arts
and I thought it would be fund to do something a little funky this time around
and just dive in and make a fabric card. 
You might recognize the fabric from yesterday's Rice Bag Tutorial post,
I really thought it was perfect for the Grateful Season- 
Avocado Arts Stamp set I am using.

So here is what I did:
Step 1. Using creamy ink (not a dryer ink it needs to have liquid) & Grateful Season
stamps from Avocado Arts- lay fabric onto hard surface, and stamp directly onto fabric. 
Press firmly.
*tip* make sure plenty of ink is applied to stamp*
 Step 2. After it dries for 5 minutes, using very sharp and micro tipped sheers
cut stamped images out. IF you use fabric bond you could cut on machine using
SVG/cut files from Avocado Arts. I prefer to hand cut fabric. 
 Step 3. Trim out 4.5X6" paper for card base. 
Step 4. Trim out 5.5X4" paper.
Step 5. Adhere fabric to paper from step 4. 
Step 6. Trim adhered fabric using paper as cutting guide to get it nice and even. 
 Step 7. Using sewing machine stick around adhered fabric from step 6. 
The paper gives it stability. 
Step 8. Adhere stitched paper onto paper from step 3. 

Step 9. Using Beacon 3N1 or strong versatile glue, adhere stamped images onto
card as shown below. 
Step 10. For the sentiment I followed steps 1 through 8 using the sentiment stamp.
Revising size of cuts to match sentiment. 
Step 11. Adhere sentiment to card. 
Step 12. Take leftover strip of fabric, run through fingers to fray and create bow. 
Step 13. Adhere bow to card. 
Step 14. Apply lace to card and stitch. 
Step 15. Adhere card to full size card base. 
That's it! A beautiful fabric card! :) 

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    Ashley Harris said...

    What a great idea! Love!

    Ziggyeor said...

    Oh Very pretty. I like how you did the bow.

    AJ said...

    great idea Cristal!

    Kelley Eubanks said...

    Very pretty!! I love the little sweet!

    Vera Yates (Ling) said...

    This is so neat!!

    Anonymous said...

    Nice card, Cristal!