Tuesday, December 28, 2010

~Country Girl~

Good morning my crafty friends!
I am BACK!!!!

I had to take a couple days off for Christmas and to heal,
my poor kids and hubby well all of us have been sick for a while now.
Thanks goodness we are all on the mend *smile*.

I did get time to sit down and scrap over Christmas.
I am determined that before 2011 ends I will have my 8.5X11 scrap book
filled if it kills me! So you might see some pages that size this year♥

This page is from the Samantha Walker Cowgirl Line....isn't is adorable?
I was so excited when she sent it to me, I knew right away I was
going to scrapbook my country lifestyle.
You know it is unusual to find a beautiful country style line
that is not all cutesy and child like, so this line is perfect for me.
It is very country and I can imagine many pages with my chickens LOL
The only thing I added was twine, vintage lace, Thickers, and a little bit of stickles.
I even used the cardstock stickers for my journaling.
Oh and of course my handy dandy Glue Arts Glue Glider pro LOL
I know I do not have the "country" look but really all I ever wanted
was to have a little farm with animals.
If we could have afforded it we would have 10-20 acres
with cows, chickens, honeybees, and a garden. Heck I'd even like to have
a Christmas Tree Farm if I could! But the 2 acres and chickens will have to do.
Now if I could just find the perfect PINK cowgirl hat LOL

Stay tuned for my January 1st post on Imaginisce with
HUGE prize packages!!!!!

Now back to keeping these boys entertained and preparing
for the New years Party we are hosting this weekend!
Happy Tuesday, thanks for stopping by♥♥


Kras said...

Yes Pinky,
glad of your desires. Yeast farm went bankrupt. Happy Holidays.

Lindy said...

Pinky....this is adorable! I love it.

joni said...

I love Pink Country! Those boots are super cute too! TFS!

Beth said...

I love the bling title along with the boots!

I would love to at least have a veggie garden, but for now ours is just flowers & a cute little garden shed with lots of woods. Maybe you can get one of those cute little red barn sheds for your yard. ;-)

Carol W. said...

I am really liking paper! Too cute! TFS

Kelly Sas said...

It is nice that you are happy with what land and the farm that you have. My hubby and I always wanted a hobby farm. The night that we signed an offer to purchase 25 acres with a large barn and 3 other out buildings way out in the country we had the weirdest experience happen to us. I swear that if it is true when people say "God talked to me" this happened to us. We couldn't sleep and we both were regretting purchasing "our dream". So unbeleavably bizzare! So, we got out of the deal without penality. 5 months later I became deathly ill. After 2 stays in ICU and 3 stays in the hospital I was diagnosed with a rare genetic blood disorder. I have to give myself a shot everyday basically to stay alive. I was having to go to specialists weekly. Thank God we didn't buy that farm so far away from doctors, hospitals and there was no way I would have been able to take care of all the animals we would have had while my hubby was always traveling out of the country for work!!! We now know why it just wasn't meant to be in our life to have a farm, but we are very happy with the life we have. Sorry so long, but just wanted to share how I can relate and be so happy for you with your boys to have them grow up with the farm you do have!

Kim A. said...

I am glad to hear that you are all on the mend. You page is very cute.

Manhattan Mandie said...

Oh my gosh, this page is sooo cute! You are awesome :) Glad you are all on the mend!

Nanabells said...

Love it!! I recently purchased some of the flower paper to do some photos of my DGD on a horse. I hope the new year brings more health to your family, seems like somebody has been sick for quite a while, altho with all this cold weather I'm surprised more people aren't sick!! :-)

Kim. said...

Great layout and even the chickens look at home on this page lol.
Have a great party and Happy New Year to you and your family.
Kim xXx