Friday, October 7, 2011

~Think Different~

Good morning my crafty friends,

I was heartbroken to hear Steve Jobs passed away so young.
You know he was very close to the age my grandmother was
when she passed away. Anyways I had not thought about it again
until Christine posted the new Survivor Challenge on Tally Scrapper.
The challenge was to use the Title "Think Different" and use
this photo as inspiration.
I love the unique challenge and decided to just DO IT!
I printed off the Apple logo, and made my own mask.
Then I smooch spritzed it on white cardstock.
I edited my photos to the colors of the computers and
basically stuck with the theme of the photo.
I kept it simple like the ad, and just went with it.
I struggled and struggle with this stinking photograph so I finally
laid it on a canvas I had and snapped the shot.
I apologize for the poor quality, it was just a bad day.
You know what I tried on this new layout?? My brand new Multi-directional
Glue Arts Glider Pro glue, you can flip it to PUSH or you can flip it to PULL it.
It really did glide smoothly...and they are giving them away on the Glue
Arts Blog this week, GO ENTER! :)
A little birdie told me I might be hosting a giveaway on my
blog soon too, so stay tuned!! :) Tell them PINKY sent ya
and you want to see a giveaway here too! :)

Journaling:I love the “Think Different” quote. It's more than just a logo.

To me it is who I have always been and accepting it with peace in my heart.

It's not a bad thing it's all about being YOU and being unique.

Even if you were not an Apple fan, you can still find inspiration
in the creativity of technology, and the attention to detail of Steve Jobs.
If you really look, you can find inspiration anywhere.
I chose to find inspiration in the ideas he had, and the "Think Different"
logo of Apple, because I do live my life in that way.

If you have not joined Tally you really should, it is an
amazing place full of artistic and creative inspiration! :)

Have a beautiful Friday my friends♡♡♡♡


Emily said...

Very inspiring layout Pinky!!! I love the quote, and what you did with the photos of you!!!

Lucy said...

The simplicity of this is outstanding!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

I so want to try this new glue glider pro.
Love Glue art products, I am shocked at how many people I got to buy
Fun layout and great design.
Understand about the light!
Have a great weekend girl

melody said...

fabulous lo chickie ~ lovin how you did the photos..and that funky background ~ as're so inspiring!

Becky said...

fantastic. I love it all