Sunday, October 30, 2011

~Old School Crafting- Popple Style~

Hey there crafty friends!
So who remembers the Popples??
A fun 80's cartoon and plush animal that folded into itself, so
cute and made a great baby.

Well my friend has a little 5 year old who's birthday was coming
up and every time I asked her what she wanted she said "A Popple".
I had planned on getting her Hello Kitty scrappy stuff but she wanted a
POPPLE by gah...LOL!

After hunting high and low on eBay and beyond we found one!
Used, but in excellent condition because they have not made them
since 2001 and they were just remakes of the 80's version.
Isn't she cute?
Now the next thing I needed to do was make a special Popple
card or tag....oh no...Cricut does not make a POPPLE cartridge
or an 80's cartoon cartridge either (they really should pssstt Cricut!)
So I printed up 4 of these images from the internet and spent
around 3 hours hand cutting this little Popple.
It's not perfect but I mean it was a for a 5 yr judgmental
could she really be?? LOL Here is the finished card.
I don't think it's too bad for my first hand
cutting paper piecing experience! LOL
The Momenta papers were a perfect combo.
Little Gracie was happy and she brought me her Popple
and a bottle and I fed her baby for a half an hour. It was too cute.
I can't say I will be doing this again for a while....but if by some chance
a random 80's cartoon character is needed for a special little one,
he I won't deny them a special card LOL

I just had to share my crafty weekend, no fancy punches or Cricuts,
just this pink haired mom, a pair of scissors, and some glue! :)


Nat said...

Not bad, it's awesome! She is going to be one very lucky girl

Nitasha said...

How sweet! I love the 80's...Cabbage Patch Kids, The Smurfs, Rainbow Bright, He-Man....thanks for taking me down memory lane! You're girl is so lucky to have such a crafty mommy!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

This rocks! I loved Popples!!! I loved all those awesome shows! :D

Lucy said...

You sure have patience! adorable :)


I so remember the popples!! Not so much the show but the stuffies!! you did a really good job with that card!! She is going to love it!!

Moondust47 said...

Awesome!! Coincidentally, my popple looked exactly like the one you paper pierced! It took me whoa.

Melissa said...

Awesome! I love your Popple cut out too! It looks great.

Becky said...

you rock!

mommaidwf said...

Awesome card! My daughter has that Popple! I also had a few when I was little. Man I loved those things, lol!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

My daughter LOVED her Popples, I should see if she still has any in
Your card is adorable as can be, I know she will love it

Kelly Sas said...

You are a good friend to do all that for a sweet little girl. Your Popple card is great.

Jenrex4 said...

Perfect card!! great job.