Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~Panty Card For Halloween??!!~

Good morning my crafty friends,
yesterday I was feeling a little rowdy and rambunctious so
I decided to make a Halloween card with the Tally Scrapper Kit
that used the bra and panty template. Just for kicks.
Won't these be fun for my Halloween party? I think so!
Everything except the flowers are from the Tally Scrapper
Oh and by the way all the previous kits are on clearance from
17.00 to 19.99! The sale ends soon but it's a good sale.

Ok I am off to lunch with my gf's today,
I really need a girl's day out and my friend Melody,
it was her birthday yesterday, so it's a good time to go
to lunch and celebrate friendship and birthdays!!

Happy Tuesday everyone~


Luanne said...

hahaha! love this card. sexy!


mommaidwf said...

How cute and fun! Have a great day!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

What a fun invite! Hope you have a great lunch with friends-I know you will.
How is the craft room looking? Did you ever show a finished picture?

melody said...

oh pinky...that is one rawkin kewl halloween card! love it! you're so creative!

hope you had a rawkin time with your friends...yes...what a great way to spend the day....scrappin..and friends!

Marion said...

That is gorgeous card! I like your idea. Anyways, I want you to know that I really like your card and I want to include it in my collection of printing samples.

Kim. said...

Ha ha love it.
Kim xXx

daizie said...

OMGosh Pinky! that is so awesome! LOL!!!! i love that!!! what a great idea for a halloween card!!! ***high 5 girl*** u totally rock the cards!!!