Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~Chicken Update and Altered Fun~

Good morning my crafty friends :)

I was speaking to a very close friend this week and
we were discussing a layout I made last week with the rolled
paper candles on it. I was telling her (we were agreeing)
that having the Helmar 450 glue has really FREED
up our scrapbooking and enabled us to be so much more
creative. I never would have tried rolling paper
with regular wet glue, and this project is totally the same
thing. I NEVER would have altered a canvas bag
without my Helmar 450! LOL
While on vacation in GA we stopped by a quaint
historic mill and I found a canvas bag with the cornmeal
mill print on it, I loved it and knew right away I was
going to take it home and alter it!It was a great excuse to enter the Gauche Alchemy contest
HERE which is for mixed media altered art, and a reason
to get out my doo dads and play.
Now this bag won't be going on my washing machine but
I know it will last for a long time with the 450 glue holding the
pretty trinkets onto the canvas. I did not use one stitch
on the entire project, it is all just glued down.
I might seal it later on, not sure yet?

Here is the bag before I altered it, so what do you think?
I woke up early this morning (4am) to this beautiful sky.
You can see the thunder heads were moving away and the
sun was coming up and shining through.

I decided it was time to raid the chicken coop and
take some pictures for y'all.
You can kind of see the thin grey-ish ones...they are hopping wild
they are going to be laying blue/green eggs.
See the big one in the middle? She has sort of taken
over as flock leader until we get a rooster.
I could only get 9 in the frame, because chickens
are MUCH harder to photograph then you think! LOL
Getting all 10 in the shot was impossible!It seems we have set a TREND in out neighborhood, as
3 more neighbors have purchased chickens since we started LOL
This one is the sweet one, she let's you pet her.
She won't be fried chicken, we will let her live a long time*joking*
I bet she will be a great layer!
This is the baby, the one who had the light head,
she is the smallest and real sweet. Hubby loves
her, so she will be a keeper!~
This one is another sweet one,
she sort of pecks around ya when you come in instead of freaking out.
Here is the second in command, the assistant to the boss
she is pretty grumpy most days. You can
see she stares me down. She also jumps
onto the water can when I go out and tries to
be chicky bad ass. It's pretty funny!

OK that's it for me today...we lost our last game
last night and are done with baseball.
It's funny, the coach told the kids all week
"NO SWIMMING! No playing outside, REST up for the games"
So the first thing my son said after his game
was "MOM can we go swimming now?"
I think he is relieved and done with baseball for right now.

I am too! LOL Love it but happy to be done!

~Have a great day~
~Love ya for stopping by and caring~


Heather said...

Super cute bag! And thanks for the chicken update! I love the speckled one!

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

That is a cute bag Pinky. I have wondered about the chickens - yeah, I know, I'm weird. Any further info on what happened to the first ones?

Scrap Vamp said...

That altered canvas bag is awesome! The chickens are great! We used to have chickens and ducks a few years ago but had to give them away when we moved! So much fun to watch!

Tona said...

Your canvas bag is great!
Thanks for the chicken update.

Dawn said...

I love, LOve, love that bag, I would totally carry that everywhere. I would probably even use it as a purse.
The chickens are getting so big, how fun to watch them grow.

Jocelyn said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE that Bag!!! You are so awesome talented!!!

Oh I just adore the chickie pics!!!! I want to get some!!!!

We are starting Baseball Playoffs this weekend and the Coach told the boys the same thing...NO SWIMMING...and Evan looked like his heart was broken!!! A weekend spent playing baseball!!

Thanks for sharing with us!!! :-)

Manhattan Mandie said...

Love the bag! Chickens are so beautiful... thanks for showing us those great pics!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

LOVE THIS! Is that red tulle on there, OMG- L-O-V-E!!!
Only you have these amazing ideas!!!!!!!! And the chicks, too cute! You know we got a pet hedgehog right, lol!!!! Never in a million years did I see THAT one coming! xOxO

Maggi said...

Love the way you altered this bag, thanks so much for playing along with us!

Those chickens are too cute!

Nicole Brenna said...

I love that bag but tell me more about the glue... I need glue something bad. I used the same glue forever but since we just moved to Norway I cant find any good glue... all the seem to use here is double sided tape. Do you know where I could get some that they would ship it to me for reasonable price? I dont wanna pay $30 shipping for a little thing of glue.

Kim. said...

I love love love the bag, great idea and it is so good to see the chickens all settling in nicely and far better off than they previously were.
Kim xXx

Rhonda V. said...

Girl, I love love LOVE this bag!!! I couldn't agree with you more about the 450! I'm down to half my bottle now and had to re-order more so i wouldn't run out!!!

So much fun to see your sweet chicken pictures too!!!

Rhonda V. said...
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meluv2scrap said...

Love that bag gf!!! Hope you are doing well!

Carmen said...

OK, OK you're selling me on the glue. I may have to see if we can get it here :P

Love the gorgeous bag all that red! Yum!

We keep pigeons and you are right, you can totally see their personalities and which ones are the bossy boots, which are the timid ones etc. The whites we have are so funny - they don't wait for OH to open the traps for them to get back in the loft they just divebomb out of the sky and land straight on his hand that's holding the corn shaker. Talk about pee his pants the first time they did it! LOL!

lara said...

i think you're selling me on this glue too - that bag is simply fabulous!!!!!! thanks for sharing it with us at gauche alchemy!!!!

joyce rodli said...

WONDERFUL altered bag!! I was also eye-balling those chickens because my brain instantly saw them as color muses...^_^...oh my, the backgrounds to come! Happy happies.