Friday, June 4, 2010

~Day 4 and going strong....~

Good morning my friends,
I am having such a great week with the kids.
I am such a blessed mom!

Are you ready for another DEEP layout for my SFTIO reveals?
This one is titled Haunted and is about how I feel
reflecting back on my abuse as a child. Being not only physically abused by my parents
but also left for others to abuse me left a huge toll
on my mentality. I wonder if I will always feel just a little
bit off, or if I will ever feel completely normal?

Of course...maybe that is normal?? hehe
Life isn't always perfect, but I am a stronger woman for it.

Thank you for stopping by!


Kelly Massman said...

Pinky, I don't think anyone is "normal"! Just be your lovable self! ;-) And, I know you know that everyone has some "darkness" in their lives! It's not cool, but sometimes it makes you a stronger person... I'm not trying to be preachy--just wanting you to know I empathize with you! :-)

MoMo sprnany said...

Another amazing lo! I am so loving all the Deep lo's and the raw honesty you share. I hope they all help you to let some of the hurt and anger go...when it comes to being made stronger by the past abuses of one's life I can relate! Thank you for being so honest and sharing!

nanapuddin said...

Hi Pinky! I got my gift yesterday! Thank you so much!

~HappyScrappinMama~ said...

Pinky, I am so sorry that you or anyone has to deal with any type of abuse. You are very brave to post it for the world to see and I admire you for that. You are a very wonderful and strong person. Thanks so much for sharing!