Saturday, June 12, 2010

~Baseball Mom Saturday!~

Good morning my friends!
No scrapping for me today but as you know
the life of a crafting mom never ends LOL

This week I sort of volunteered myself (sort of LOL)
to make a giant baseball cake for the team
party this is a 16" round cake I made.
I just finished adding the COYOTES 2010 name to it.
Also we are doing the signed baseball thing
for the poor coach, so I grabbed my Cricut and
cut out some letter from Gemstone Core'Dinations cardstock
and glued them down to the base...
That's what I love about crafting, you
can use it anytime!
Now to make a card!
I hope they don't think it's too cheasy
but what can you do on such short notice?
Our poor Coach he did the best he could,
he was a first time Coach, this league has no drafts
so they all leave the beginners and worst
players for the newest Coach and laugh all
the way to the ball park.
Who knew Little league had such politics?

They even gave him practice time, that they all
knew was baseball game time so our poor
team only got field practice like 4 times!
It was a huge joke to the other Coaches.
I find that really sad and wrong.

We were really lucky to have a Coach who
rolled with the punches and did the best he could
considering the circumstances.

OK Baseball mom rant over today LOL
Next year I know to get in there and kick
some butt!!!!!

~Hope you have a great weekend~
It's hot as heck and we have an outdoor
party to attend, so I will be a busy mom today!
~Thanks for popping by and indulging my baseball pictures :)~


Shannon said...

What an awesome cake! Great job, Pinky!

Georgina said...

get used to the 'politics'-- it's AWFUL... but you gotta just stay positive... it's for the BOYS!! right?! (they seem to forget that sometimes.. the board/some coaches etc)
LOOOOOOOOOOVE that cake... could u move to cali so we can be crafty together and u can teach me?! LOL!!

SO proud of you for your first 'baseball mom' season :)

Kelly said...

That cake turned out perfect! Love the letters you added to the trophy. I didn't realize it was paper at first. Awesome. Have a great day and don't get to hot out there.

Colleen said...

Your cake and baseball stand are awesome. What they did to not only the coach but also the kids, is just down right mean. No and I repeat NO self respecting Adult who says that they care about kids should ever pull that stunt. I would be righting letters to the media, complaining to the league commissioner and what ever else it takes to get the playing field leveled out for those young athletes.

Darlene Servolini said...

I am loving your cake and trophy! Totally fabulous! What a sweet gal you are. :)

Tona said...

That cake is fantastic & the team name looks great on the baseball trophy. I'm with you, sad & wrong discribes how the new coach was treated.

Debbie H said...

I LOVE your cake, it's amazing, what talent you have! As for the story of the coach, we experience the same thing in recreational soccer for 5-12 year olds, it's ridiculous. The registration states the teams are randomly chosen, yeah right, way to deflate the kid's enthusiasm, go figure.

Kim. said...

Wow what a fantastic cake, you are one talented lady!! I know nothing about baseball at all so will give no comment lol.
Kim xXx