Saturday, June 5, 2010

~Final day of my ANGER reveals~

Good morning my friends!
I am headed home this morning and so excited to be
able to come home and sleep in my own bed and see
my chickens! LOL

Here is my last reveal for SFTIO and the June kit
I had such deep and meaningful inner exploration this month.
I am so happy I did it too.
These will go into my private journal and it was an amazing journey.

This page is FEAR
As much abuse as I had as a child, I was always
optimistic and thought I would find Mr. Right who would
see in me what no one else saw.
Instead I found a man who knew nothing of love
who only knew of pain himself, which included beating
me and abusing me at one point leaving me for dead.
He was a valuable lesson for me.
I learned to be STRONG and to trust more carefully.
I learned that when someone else is so broken,
they cannot love and help you.
I learned that you have to break the chain of abuse and there
is NO EXCUSE for abusing someone. No matter how broken
you are there is no excuse for abusing someone else.
But not everyone is strong enough to stop abuse.
I am so blessed that I won't be abused again and I will
NEVER repeat the cycle of my parents, my ex husband, and my family.

I hope I did not scare you off of my blog.
I love SFTIO and what they stand for.
They only have a negative emotion once every 6 months, so
it is a great way to release. I feel like I did just that!

~Have a beautiful day~
~See ya'll tomorrow~


bluecrayons said...

welcome home sunshine, you are absolutely right. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED. you are such an inspiration for me and others alike. thanks for sharing these deep emotions with us. we <3 you

Anonymous said...

Abusive people suck. Thank you for sharing such an amazing layout

Heather said...

You can't scare me off! Thank you for sharing with us!

Susan said...

you are an amazing person - willing to share very personal experiences. Someone will be changed because of your courage!

Enjoy lurking in your life via the blog - have a great day.

Hobbyaholic (April) said...

Once again a wonderful layout. Thanks for sharing bits of what makes you "Pinky".

luvmytrucker said...

Awesome work as always!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I know it must suck to have to think about it all over again. You are a strong person and I love how you give so much to others! You are truly amazing!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Amazing layout. I agree with Amanda, abusive people suck. I'm so glad you were able to break the cycle! I'm so glad I found your blog!!!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

You are right, not everyone IS strong enough to stop or leave abuse. That takes a lot of courage. You are remarkable for not only surviving it, but telling your story so others can have hope.

Paula Phillips said...

Such a beautiful page,even if it was created from ugliness. Thanks so much for the inspiration!