Saturday, June 5, 2010

~Back from vacation!!!!~

Good morning!!!!!!!
I am SO HAPPY to be home....
what a HUGE surprise it was to go into the GA
mountains, with a promise of fishing, home style cabin and
high speed internet, only to discover that meant...
CRAZAY mountain folk *Wish I had the picture*
(drunk and very PINK curious)

Tiniest fish I ever saw but the BIGGEST snake I ever saw and *big shocker here* high speed internet that
never really worked and I had to hike 1/4 mile onto
the TOP of the mountain to get any cell reception.
Which is all fine and dandy EXCEPT we had
planned on using the laptop for directions etc...LOL
Fun and totally hilarious.

I will get to the stories all week but first the drunk hillbilly.
*DISCLAIMER* Now mind ya, I love the south and I
do not think everyone in GA is a drunk hillbilly, no no...I just found
the classic example is all LOL

On the road we stayed on it was a dead end, so I decided
I would *ALONE* drive to the end to explore, I thought maybe there
was a fishing hole down there.

Well, them GA folk don't care for people driving on "their" road.
I waved as usual and a drunk man jumped out in front of the van
sort of growling....but all hunkered down and scowling at me.
I smiled and waved and went around.

When it got dark, I heard a loud knocking on the cabin
door, my MIL answered and it was Mr. Growly Pants,
he was staggerin' drunk, I mean slurring, staggering drunk.
He said "Ma'am I am the KEEPER OF THIS ROAD...*yes he said he
was the keeper of the dang road LOL*
and he came to let us know about
a swimming hole down stream and see if y'all were some Mexicans, cause
we had some"Mexicans" here last week and we had
an "incident".
I nudged my FIL and told him to go help mom,
he said " She can handle it she is a librarian!"
UMM?? Hello?? LOL
So he went over and he stood there and they shooshed
him off. MIL proceeded to barricade doors and lock stuff
then. We watched him about fall down 4 times, and set
his beer on the ground so he would not drop it as
he half fell, then he picked it back up and walked on home.

EVERY DAY we found them in our yard drinking and
fishing and throwing bottles down in the fire.
Not very family friendly *EEK*
We took it all in stride :)

Anyways I better go cook for the famz~

*Giveaway Alert*
A friend of mine in Kentucky

Now for a Helmar Project!
Helmar partnered up with Scrap-tastic this month
And this is one LO I created using their products and Helmar's Glue!
LOVE the glittered alpha and Helmar ZapDots

I have more stuff to share, and my in laws leave
in 2 days so I will be back full force then!
I think it's time to try to hit 600 followers
which means GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!!!
*Stay tuned* More stories and pictures to follow!

~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a great Sunday~
~I am so happy to be home~


Hestia's Helper said...

I hear banjos playing!

Tona said...

Omgosh! That was quite an adventure that you had there. Lol.

luvmytrucker said...

WOW! I am from the way down south and I still would have loved to seen that. Some people just crack me up! I bet that is a life time of stories there. Glad your home safe and sound!

Ziggyeor said...

I think the pink just draws the crazy people around you. You always have the craziest people meeting stories!

Love the LO too!

bluecrayons said...

i am so glad you and your family are home safe and sound. i would of been on the ground with that drunk guy lmao with and at him. i use to have a lot of lmao funny drunk times when i was smaller. aunts and uncles drunkin everywhere.

Caroline said...

Always so much fun to stop by your blog and hear your great stories!
Sounds like some of my neighbors! he he!
Can't wait to hear more!

Heather said...

I'm stilll laughing @ the keeper of the road! What a nut bar! Love the layout too!

Kim. said...

Lol what an adventure you had, shame you didn't have internet we could of experienced it with you all week long lol.
Great layout, love the sepia look of the second photo.
Kim xXx

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Too Funny! Pinky had HIGH ADVENTURE as my brother always says. Creates a great memory. I'm sure you will be journaling it in some scrappy pages.

marcibun said...

YIKES! No way I would have paused long enough to take a photos of that snake! I love the layout, perfect use of the Zapdots :)