Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~Travel Fun w/ Paris Creativity~

Good morning my crafty friends! :)

As you know and is probably true in your lives,
I have MANY different friends.
Many ages and MANY diverse styles and tastes.Not all of them are the classic scrapbooking
vintage type of girls, some of them are the
Hello Kitty loving, glitzy bling-in', punk wearing type
of friends. WELL!!! I can't leave them out of my
crafting fun!~ hehe For one of those amazing
friends, I am making this flip album, for all of her
travel adventures. She just moved to TN and she is so fun
and sweet, I wanted to make her a flip book to put
her travel photos in.
So I pulled out my Paris Creativity
line because I felt it fit her more than my other
scrap style papers and embellishments.
I KNOW she is going to love it! And guess what? 100%
RECYCLED! I used that old book I found in the library
garbage bin, and I took the covers, cut them off,
filed the edges down and covered them with paper!
Here is how it begin....what a HUGE difference right?
I am going to add rings and many pages, but I wanted
to share the cover first and tell you to save those hardcover
books, or RESCUE some if you see them!

I cannot wait to do a vintage book BUT I
am so excited to see her face when she sees this one.
It's perfect for her style.

*Side note for my baseball friends*
We lost last night, it was a hard game too.
They played so discombobulated in the first 2
innings and came back full force in the last 2 but it
was too late. Very sad, but we play again tonight. :)

~Thanks for always stopping by and leaving comments~
~A appreciate your visits!~


MoMo sprnany said...

They are fabulous Pinky!

pdrnc said...

I love those little chipboard cocktail pieces. SSOO cute!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Love them, Pinky! Great recycling idea too!

Connie said...

you rocked the bag!!!!