Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~Happy Hump Day my crafty friends....~

Good morning my crafty-licious friends!
Since I did that Layout for SFTIO I have become
OBSESSED with giant photographs....
I wanted to do another layout with my eyes
without the pain and anger, so I made this one lastnight.

Want to win a FLIP Video Camera??
Helmar is having a HUGE contest! WOOHOO
wish I could enter!

Another Helmar page, I used my 450 and Adhesive runner
partnered with Scrap-tastic supplies!
Loving all the lush goodies.

OK indulge this Pink one with a few more
"vacation" pictures...
You know you are the MOM of BOYS when people
come up to you and say "Are those your boys?"
And you think...OMG what in the heck are they doing now!
Well this happens to me frequently with my oldest
I have had more mothers approach me saying that
then with any other boy so far.
We were on a small train (long ride but small train)
ride and a woman comes up to me not 5 minutes after I take
this shot from the from the back of the train and
she says..."You have those 3 boys? is that older
one yours?" I hung my head and said "yes"
She said..."I am watching him hang himself off the train and grab
things from the trees and rocks, he almost fell out too"
Lorday...*HMPH* I got nothing else to say about it
except that boy jumped 10 feet when I walked up to him
and he TRIED to tell me he had no idea it was wrong
but if your not doing anything wrong, you don't jump
10 feet and hit your head when momma walks in!
Here we are on the bus to the train
(hot as heck too!)
He insisted he get a picture with momma too!
The boys took their own...they are growing up fast!

Alrighty then, I was going to take pictures of a prize today
but it is thundering and lightning, so I am going to wait until
tomorrow. Don't forget the Dirty Scraps challenge will
be up tomorrow too!
NEW SPONSOR and a prize there!

Thanks for coming by to say hey!
~Have a great day~


VAWM said...

Totally LOVE your LOs! I can relate to the boy comments (even with just one) LOL! Watcha doin'? "NOTHING" Sure. Have a great week!

Tona said...

You have the most beautiful eyes! Love your layout.
Thanks for sharing more vacation photos & stories ;)

Heather said...

Love the layout! You have gorgeous eyes! Great train pics too!

chignon said...

I love your big photo, up close layouts! And the boy stuff, yep they are full of energy and fun ideas but maybe not the safest! lol Thanks for sharing :o)

TeenaBugg38 said...

I get that all the time.....and have that same reaction...What are they doing now!!!!! I was at church one day and I had my 5 and was watching a friends 4.....they were ALL in my pew so I could pop em with the good book if they got outta line (jk) and I was talking to some visitors and the little ol lady said "Honey....are these ALL yours and where is their daddy????" LOL I don't think she believed me when I told her only half were mine!!

Ok...sorry, I digress....LOVEEEE this LO!!! I always love seeing your everyday photos so keep em coming!

MoMo sprnany said...

Fabulous lo! Handsome family! Beautiful woman! You got it all going on Miss Pinky!