Monday, June 28, 2010

~Monday...really? Time to scrap!~

Morning! :)

Is it really Monday?
Man it seems like the weekend just flew by.
Hubby worked all weekend, and I stayed by
the sewing machine and scrap paper!

This morning I woke up and made some Snickerdoodles,
then decided to scrap a page for fun.
These are the pictures hubby said...
"Those are keepers honey, save them for his
dating years!" hahaha
You know, no pressure, no commitments
just fun! For me and the boys.
While I was in Kentucky teaching, the Little Yellow Bicycle
teacher came over and gave me some papers in a kit.
We traded! And I loved it!
So I decided to finally use those papers.
This is some of the first LYB paper I have had and
I LOVE THEM!!!!! OMG the texture and the colors make
me swoon. I am SOOOOO getting more!
I hope they are at CHA in Chicago next month, so I
cane see them in person!

Back to baking I go.
I hope you have a great Monday,
thanks for popping by to say hi.


gottaluvboyz said...

LOL...too funny about those photos and what your hubby said. Love your layout! Happy Monday:)

TT said...

those eyes are great. love them. too cute to be a boy but don't tell him i said so. I have 2 boys and that won't go over too well. :)heehe

Kelly Massman said...

That paper is amazing! At first I thought the pics were of you! :-) Great layout!

Amy said...

OMG does he look like his mama in this pic! Absolutely adorable! LOL Lovin' that paper

Tona said...

Another great layout! You are so good with layering & adding texture.

Kray said...

Oh Cristal, this is a "blackmail" layout when he gets older.....I so LOVE IT!!!!! Do you realize how much Gage looks like you? Especially with the towel on his's those eyes!!!!

Lorraine said...

Pinky this is fabulous....just don't show this to your boy's first girlfriend...I know I've learned my lesson ;)

Bobbi said...

Cute layout, too funny. I have a picture of my DS in my DD's Tinkerbell and one of the princess dress-up outfits that I plan to do a layout of for blackmail later on ;)

Stephanie said...

LYB has the best bags at CHA. They are much sought after and their M&T's are great too. You're gonna have so much fun there. I hope you don't have to be in the booth the entire time cause there is so much to do and see! I hope they'll let the vendors to the M&Ts-I've heard some only let store owner's or one person from a store do them. But not everyone. Have fun and make sure you stop by Provo Craft. their M&T's are beyond great and they put a lot of $$$ into it-you're coming home with some expensive goodies from them! Man, I hate I'm gonna miss it this year. But I'll be playing at Fiskateers. :)