Monday, January 18, 2010

~Hi! It's Monday...

Morning all you amazing crafty peeps!
I am late this morning, this weekend has been particularly difficult.
My back has been really bad which lead to a severe migraine
which is not quite 100% gone yet, plus the kids are home for MLK Day.
But I cannot complain, I am alive and smiling this morning.

Remember that Badge Daddies Pin I shared? I decided to make a card to put it in...
I used the Lucy Bird line from Imaginisce since it matched perfectly!
I have been on the hunt for the Lucy Bird line in stores but have
only found it at TwoPeas and A Cherry On Top
but it's coming! I love this line...I think if I had 4 packs I could
use it all just because of that yummy brown and pink polka dot paper LOL

On a side note, did you catch the Golden Globes last night?
I never watch award shows, not even the Oscars but hubby clicked it on
for a bit and I caught Monique winning and her beautiful glory!
Monique inspires me to stop stressing on self loathing and my weight
and look at all the good I can accomplish, and focus on being happy and fulfilled.
Every time I see her I see her beauty and wish I had those eyes for myself!
A little jolt back to my normal self is just what I needed! Thanks Monique!
Thanks for reminding me I am beautiful no matter what size and
I need to remember I can do anything!
Thanks for the PSA today! LOL

OK off to spend the day with my crazy boys...
I baked home made cinnamon rolls last night and they are begging for more!
~Have a great Monday~
~Stay tuned for the flower winner tomorrow~


Tona said...

Love your card!
Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well over the weekend. Enjoy those boys today ;)

Ziggyeor said...

Great card! I'm sorry you're still not feeling well :( I just missed Monique I was tweeting the preshow still and then relized what the computer went onto was not the show so I had to move over to the TV. I don't usually watch but I was hoping to catch Neil Gaiman and the Coraline peeps but I guess I missed their catagory too :(
I hope the boys enjoy their cinnamon rolls! Rick made some last week and they were yummy!

Raven said...

What a beautiful card. I love the butterflies.

Kray said...

Loved Monique too! Great inspiration!

Hope you feel beter soon.

Love the card!