Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~If you missed the TV spot with Purple Cows and my project~

It is on video on HSN now for anyone to watch!
My project is the RED Display Box by the purse :)


Don't forget it will also be at CHA January 2010 California!


Sandi said...

Thanks, Pinky, because I don't get HSN! Great project, congrats!!

Jessica said...

So how does it feel to have your work right out there for the world to see? Congrats!!

Diana said...

Wow! Pinky...that is wonderful to have your project on display! Congratulations!!

Brenda said...

I seen it I even took a picture of it when I was watching it!!! Since I am doing the project 365 I take pictures of everything!!So happy for you doin' a happy dance for ya!!!!

Stephanie said...

so your project gets to go to CHA but not you??? That sucks! lol

Tona said...

I saw it. How great is that to have something you made on TV?!