Friday, January 29, 2010

~Some fun news today & 5 things I love~

Besides the 6" of snow that we all are happy about....

Helmar contacted me and let me know they used my videos on their blog!
Everyone asks me what adhesive I use and honestly
this is the glue I use, I just LOVE IT!
So I had fun sharing with my quirky videos.
here is the blog :)
I'd love it if a few friends stopped by to let them know
that I am spreading the word.

I thought I would list 5 things I live today
because Valentine's Day is coming up and my anniversary
is coming up right quick.

Beautiful weather, it always has been a fascination
and it always will be, this is the night before the big snow.
My children's curiosity.
This might look like a silly bowl in the snow to some but to me
it was so cute.
My youngest wanted to "Catch" snow for "snow cones" hehe
So we set bowls out and filled them with snow for snow cones.
You think I am going to say Coach! LOL but really I am going to say
my husband who every once in a while indulges me with a pretty
purse as a gift and is very talented at picking them out himself.
This was my anniversary gift a few days early.

Friends! Whether they be online or in person, they all
help keep me on the right path!
Especially the ones I have known for a long time...
Let's see...Aymee, Kelly, Denise, Eva, Liz, Shelly, Janelle, Melissa,
Dolores, LJ, Patti, Nicole, Kristina, Tina, Vicki, Sarah, just to name a FEW
and new friends who rock!!
Adrienne, Tracy, Karen, Karen, V, Tanisha, Sarah, Julie, and many more!
I am so blessed and I know I did not post all the names...How could I?
If you are my friend, I thank you for sticking by me.
You have to be a strong woman to be my friend and you are awesome!
This back scratcher is my new best friend! LOL
I love it and it is great for dry skin and short arms! I think I will be doing a list every week...just because I am
so very thankful and its a great reminder of the little things in our
every day lives.

OHHH and I almost forgot!!!
I am going to post a challenge tomorrow!!!!!
FOR A PRIZE!!!! So stay tuned! We are celebrating 300 followers!
I have not forgotten, just got busy with this school stuff and the snow...
~Have a great weekend~
~Thanks for popping by~


KarenB said...

OK, seriously - I need the back scratcher of all things!!! I always get that little itch right where I can't reach and I end up looking like a cow on a fence post trying to scratch it!!!

PS Congrats on your video getting used on their site!!

Nikki Love said...

lovin' your 5 Things list!!! Also, congrats on winnning the KiKi Art Rak on Sarah's Blog (you lucky duck!!!) Feel free to share the love if you have too much ;) hehehehe

Loved the tutorial on Helmar's!!!

Laurajean said...

LOVIN' your top 5 list...I need to do that on my blog too....and that back-scratcher...awesome!!!

And love the tutorial on Helmar :)
**muah** girl :)

Jessica said...

well, first, congrats on the Helmar site! Cool videos, I have some already gathered lace that I'm going to use to make some flowers! I think I'm gonna go find some of that fab glue! Thanks so much for sharing your talent. You truely are an artist.

Eva said...

These are fabulous!!!!! Love your picks...hehehehe Hugs, Eva

Viji Siddharth said...

Awesome videos pinky...!totally love them

Southernbelle said...

Awww! We love ya gf!

Vanessa said...

When I was younger and for the first snow, my mom had a recipe for the ice cream that was the best! I may have to try to find it! It sounds yummy right now!

doverdi said...

Congrats on your Helmar position. Great list you have! I also Love your back scratcher, I have one too that sits right by my computer. Another one with short arms & an itchy back. lol