Monday, January 11, 2010

~Cannot wait for Monday! Exciting day ahead~

Good morning all your crafty peeps in blog-land!
I know, I know, it's Monday and why the heck am I so chipper?
Because #1 someone made my weekend special
#2 tonight is the night!! Tonight Purple Cows will be on
HSN National TV and I have a project in the show! WOOHOO!
Don't forget to watch!
11pm Central tonight....
9pm Pacific!
Look for the Valentine's Day Display Box
I finally got my last painting photographed.
It is simple but I loved it because it matches my kitchen perfectly!
I am totally drawn to the simple design because it goes so well
in any room!
And for fun news...

In the mail I received a beautiful Hello Kitty watch and it was
so sweet and kind, from a friend, who just
noticed I loved Hello Kitty and thought I might like a watch.
How sweet was that?
I have to remember THOSE are the people who count, the ones
who know me and take the time to find out who I really
am instead of looking for something wrong
with me and judging me from afar, because they will
always find something especially if they really want to find something!!
It teaches me to be careful not to do that to others!
Always look for the kindness and goodness instead.

So thanks for the sweet gesture my friend...
~I am off to clean since this is the FIRST day the kids have been back
to school in like 5 days! All this weather has been keeping us inside!~
~Have a beautiful Monday~
Thanks for stopping by


Colleen said...

That box is just too cute. Sorry to hear that you were having a bad week. I was also but for different reasons. The Hello Kitty watch is very cute. Every time I see Hello Kitty stuff it reminds me of a former student such a great girl, but she felt that things were so bad that she needed to take her life. I guess I am saying that Hello Kitty always reminds me to let people know the good stuff about them and to let people know that they are important. Have a good day and don't let the negative people get you down.

Jocelyn said...

How exciting....I will keep an Eye out for your project on HSN!!!!

I just adore the box!!!

What a wonderful gesture...I love the watch!!!

Wishing you a day filled with smiles!!!! :-)

Brenda said...

Just keep hangin on to your roots girlfriend!!! Love you new watch!!!
The box is sooo amazing!!

Niki_Ray said...

So Sweet!!

nancy said...

I'm so happy you like it. :)

Love that painting!! Gorgeous!

Dayna said...

Beautiful valentine's box!! And I love your painting it is so beautiful. I love the simplicity of it and the colors. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us:)

melody said...

wowza..i was stoked when i seen your post on my blog! thankx so much for visiting me!

lovin that kitty watch..what a nice friend and gesture! and whoa..that painting is rawkin kewl chickie! love it! AND got your box on kewl is that! congrats! have an awesome day!

(off to add ya to my blog list ~ now i can visit ya again!) :)

Kray said...

I saw your project tonight! Loved it!!! Whoohoo!!!

Samantha said...

That box is so cute Pinky, I wish I could see the show! I've left a blog award for you on my blog. I'm always popping over here and checking out your gorgeous work :)