Friday, January 1, 2010

~Happy New Year! A few more reveals!~

Good morning all you lovely crafters and friends!
Happy New Year!
I have a couple of reveals today...

A few more from Scrapbooking From The Inside Out,
I like this one...The emotion this month is POSSIBILITY.
Just Imagine Journaling:
Just Imagine: How much more you could accomplish
every day if you did not worry about how fat you are.
If you could wake up every day and say
"I am beautiful, a good mom, and a nice person"
Imagine how much happier you would be.
How much it would change your life if you stopped
punishing yourself and repeating bad patterns.
Anything would be possible.

I will be honest here, I was real happy with the first few layouts I did...
then I got sort of stumped!
The last 2 I don't feel like I did the beautiful kit justice..
but you know what? Not every LO is a home run! LOL
So I am ok with it :)
This is a picture I took in Kentucky while on Vacation in June at the cabin.
This is Andrew in Hawaii
He hates his picture being taken!
Happy New Year again!
I am one of the lucky ones this year,
I have had some not so good stuff happen this year,
but by the same token I have had some GREAT stuff happen.
So I cannot complain, God has blessed me in the grand scheme of things.
I hope your 2010 is amazing and beautiful just like YOU!

~Thank you for sticking with me through 2009!~
~Have a great New Year's Day whatever was you spend it~
~May blessings and love fill your hearts all year long~


Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

wow, girl you were right up and at 'em today! Hope you are feeling better! Great layouts as always! Happy New Year

Kim said...

AWESOME! I wish my "bad" layouts turned out like yours!! They are so FLIPPPING COOL! Thanks for sharing, and I wish you all the best in 2010~
Me-Ma Kim

Bethany Kartchner said...

I think that all of the LOs are beautiful! Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

Good job girl, thinking about the positive is always better! Happy New Year!

Katie and Team said...

Love the color, it looks good on you
Katie from

Michelle said...

I think all your layouts are gorgeous!

nancy said...

Love what you said about not every layout being a homerun... I say this to myself every month! Because EVERY MONTH I have one layout that I HATE... and I mean hate. That's just life! :)

Niki_Ray said...

Great LO's Pinky!! and Happy New Year to you and yours :) XOXO Niki_Ray

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

I don't know Pinky, they all look pretty damn gorgeous to me! Wishing you all the best in 2010! love ya, deb

Brenda said...

I LOVE all your layouts...they are sooo awesome and I love the way you scrap...from your heart Pinky!
I am going to have an awesome year I just know it thank you sooo much for being you! We ALL need a Pinky in our life!!!

Renata Moni said...

Love the pages and the ideas here! such an inspiration!

hapy new year to you and your family!

BarefootFairyMum said...

Love the LO's! I was wondering, I notice you use shaped paper a lot. Do you cut it yourself or buy it that way?

Pinky said...

Almost always I cut it myself.