Monday, January 4, 2010

Good morning all you amazing crafty people!
Shouting out from a frigid 10 degrees in TN with a 0 windchill,
now I knwo that ain't nothing for you Northern girls but for this
pink lady its-a-little-bit-COLD! :)

I told you last week I got my new Imaginisce box and
I have been DYING to play with it ever since!
This is the NEW Lucy Bird line, it is SO darn cute and fun!
Something else I tried and fell in love with?
The new SMOOCH Spritz from Clearsnaps!
OMG I LOVE IT! I used it all over the edges of this page,
and on the chipboard journaling tag.
The journaling tag I put on top of the spritzed one
is a cute rub-on from the Lucy Birdcollection!
I really tried to photograph this in the light to capture how
shimmery and pretty this page is.
I will have to try throughout the day to see which times work best
but for now I hope you can see what I did.

You can see I used a pretty girly line for this BOY picture and it's
because it doesn't matter what the paper looks like, you can make
it work for YOU!
The back of these Imaginisce papers are always different and
with a little shimmer, or creativity, they work for any project!

OK off to try to stay warm! I am freezing over here!
I have to run a special project to Fed Ex today...
you will be hearing and SEEING more of that later this week!
It's a super fun Purple Cows surprise! :)
So stay tuned...literally...
~Have a great Monday~
~Thanks for stopping by~


icecheeks said...

Hey Pinky!
Wishing you and your family all the best in 2010! The weirdest thing happened today... I got a parcel from you! The mail date is old... I have no idea where it was for the last few months... but was super happy to get it today! I loved the treats!!!!!!

Kim said...

THAT IS AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!

Aeify said...

Love that you used a "girly" line for a boy LO. I get frustrated when I overhear people saying they love a product/paper but CAN'T use it...yes you can and THANK YOU for being an example scrapper ...HUGS!

Tona said...

This looks like a nice line & I love what you did with it.
Stay warm!

Ziggyeor said...

Very nice! I love the shimmer :D

Jessica said...

Hope you are staying warm. I really like this line and you did such a good job with it.

Colleen said...

Loving the layout. So very awesome. Good luck with staying warm It is so cold.

Michelle said...

Absolutely stunning!

daizie said...

Pinky that LO is amazing! I LOVE IT!!!!

Brenda said...

awww lookie at his lol face!!! love this and really lovin' the rub-on quote! Plus all the shimmer and the sprinkles of pearls sooo pretty!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

I have to say, I think this might be one of my favorite layouts of yours. (Of course I am partial to your f/u layout as my all time FAVE and still would like to do that one for my own benefit- though I would need a poster board to fit everyone on it! lol)
Anyways, beautiful job! xOxO