Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Sunday filled with snowy joy~

OK I will admit it,
I shoved the crafting aside this weekend for a couple of days
filled with family and snow!
I could not tear myself away from my camera, and baking
in the kitchen, also countless trips to the stove to make Hot Chocolate!

I am the first one to admit I am like a child when it comes to snow.
I look forward to it every year and pray right along side of the children.
This time was extra special because it was a weekend
even daddy got in on the fun, plus the beautiful, incredible ice we had.

Honestly it's like God's diamonds all over the land. I love it!
Next door the icy trees lined up ready for my camera!

Little Miss Daffodil did not miss one second in the snow with our family.
She stuck to the boys like glue all day and night!
I know this picture is awful, but the sleet was so heavy...
if you look close you know why I posted it...that HUGE grin from the baby
in the family says it all...
I wish I could capture the breathtaking beauty of the ice shimmering on the trees
I was memorized...I would love to have taken pictures all day!
Even daddy got in on the fun with his floppy pink hat!
(remember he requested I make it on Halloween?? he still wears it :))
A close up of the amazing ice and how stunning it really is...
We live on the end of a country road and the boys loved running up and
down sledding on it...they all held hands too keep the sleds together, it was
one of those precious moments a mother remembers forever.

So that's my snowy story and I am sticking to it!
Thank you for sharing a piece of my life this weekend,
I will be back to crafting tomorrow, until then

~Have a BEAUTIFUL blessed day~


TxScrapAddict said...

Looks wonderful! Makes me miss my days back home in Kentucky (sigh). I can still hear the tickling of the ice covered tree branches as they are stirred by a light winter's of those joyful sounds you never forget.

~EssenseVibez~ said...

you're lucky---we didnt get anything this weekend--wishful thinking i guess--LOL

Heather said...

Great layouts. Love the lace flower. The bra card is adorable!

Mary Ellyn said...

Love it all!

Angela Weimer said...

Great Sketch layout. I love the stitching idea. I also love your Bra card. Simply Adorable.

Angela Muniz said...


Denise said...

Wow, very NICe! Denise

Heidi M said...

Hi Pinky! Wonderful work! Love your take on Julie's sketch and your bra card.

Heidi :)

Tracy said...

I don't love the cold but man that looks awesome!!! The ice on the trees and the sledding and ... WOW!!! Makes me wish I was there ...

Love, Tracy G