Saturday, January 9, 2010

~Another frigid Saturday...WINNER of the PC RAK!~

Good morning from a VERY cold TN home...
Thank YOU everyone for helping me with the Purple Cows Contest!
I am not sure if I won since there is still 10 days left...
but I know I got well over 200-300 people to sign up on my behalf!
So I am very pleased!
If you have not signed up yet, there is still time!

Now on to the winner of this KIT RAKJodi said...

I just became a follower on FB for you!!

I'm off to pass along the message!

Jodi please email me your addy so I can get the package
off as son as our road clears :)!

I finally got my paintings unwrapped from Christmas and photographed them
This is the last one I did, it is a wintery tree scene.
I sure have fun painting, if there is a local class in your area,
even if you just go to have a girls night out, it is TOTALLY worth it!
After cutting up the last one and embellishing it...
I am so tempted to do it again LOL.
Hubby just laughs and says "leave it alone!" hehe

Ok back to this snowy day...
~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a great weekend!!~


Tona said...

You just amaze me with how varied your talents you are!!! You're just so good at everything you do!

melody said...

i agree ~ you have so many talents chickie! love your painting!