Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~Challenge yourself to get a little dirty!~

Good morning my lovely friends!
I have a new fun little project coming up.
I thought I would set down my DT work for a minute,
and begin something that I have been passionate about
for a very long time!

Scrapbooking REAL,
you know scrapbooking with no rules.
Honestly not every single picture is a perfect moment.
I have blurry pictures, pictures I wish I had burned, torn pictures...you name it.
I have GOOD memories, BAD memories and even memories that inspire
me to be a better person.Life is so crazy and messy, why not scrap it all!
So this is the deal!
I am starting a new challenge blog
This blog is not all about scrapping the negative because I am not like that
When I scrap something bad or horrible, I try to always
scrap the reflection of how I am feeling and the good side of
surviving and becoming stronger.
This is about scrapping whatever moment you want!

Right now Dirty Scraps is looking for some VERY special Dirty Girls
who can dig really deep and scrap the real part of life.
The good, the bad and the ugly.
There will be 2 challenges a month.
I hope you check it out!
Even if you don;t scrap the bad, maybe it will inspire
you to be fearless when you do scrap and try a new technique or
take those blurry photos and make them work for you!

~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful Tuesday!~


sarah said...

sounds like a plan. i need to scrap the bad... :) it'll be more documentation. tfs!


Liz said...

I'll be following.. I am horrible at these kind of layouts Especially if it's myself lol... Hopefully I'll get better as I follow along

SnapWhiz said...

Huge congrats to you! That's an awesome idea for a challenge blog!! I need to scrap blurry - I have tons of busy toddler/baby boy photos!!

Colleen said...

sounds like a fun challenge blog. Can't wait to see what you have on the blog.

Sandi said...

How cool! I love a challenge!

melody said...

oh chickie! this is a fabulous idea! i've always wanted to get into more scrappin about feelins and the REAL stuff...rather than just pics! i'll definitely be checkin it out!
you go girl..for doin this!