Thursday, January 7, 2010

~Snow day with no snow Thursday!~

HAHA! I know I live in the south because
they called off ALL schools and not a drop of snow!
I am not complaining mind you, it's fun and funny! :)

Good morning all you crafty people! I am in high spirits today,
it has been a great week!
I am really excited about the new challenge blog
Dirty Scraps
I never expected the response to be so great and positive!The Peeve:
It really irks me when people go hunting for a reason to hurt you and be mean to you when you have done nothing to them to deserve it. Especially when they demand you explain yourself and you know there is NOTHING you could say or do to make them happy or to like you. I don’t understand why they try to drag you down in petty gossip and arguments when there is nothing to argue about. When someone is set on hating you they just hate on you. I am a grown ass woman, why do I need to try to “make” someone like me when they are so set on hating me to begin with? Why are you poking the Pink one??

The Positive:
I cannot say why people do this,
I don’t know if it is jealousy, or they are lacking drama in their life so they feel the need to create it, but I have learned that those people are not worth the effort. At my age you have to find your true friends and appreciate them, and let the haters go and try not to let it bring you down. Smile and move along. I am learning that letting it go is best and it is getting easier as the years go by. I have some GREATand KIND friends, the people who try to find reasons to hate you, well it’s their lot in life. The positive is, I no longer argue and get angry, I just feel sorry for them and see them as they are and it brings my true friends closer to me. I have learned that fighting gossip with gossip does not work, it makes you look small and petty. It might take 10 years but they will realize one day.It’s all about perspective and PEACE.
No drama momma here, stay positive and stay strong.

I scrapped this page for the FIRST DIRTY SCRAPS challenge
There is a prize of a brand new set of stamps!!

I am having so much fun with this!
OK a couple little things going on...

Timeless Daydreams is up and running!!

And the papers I used in this LO are form Scrapfreak...
I love both sites...:) Great people and nice ladies on both!

OK I am off to take care of these rowdy boy in NO SNOW! LOL
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thanks for popping by I love ya~


sarah said...

wahooo!! love all you freaks! ;)


Cricket said...

Love the layout! Yahoo for the Freak!!!


Colleen said...

no far, snow day without snow. we went. Have about 6 inches already. Everyone else around us is either out or getting out early, but not us. Yes, I am not in a good mood about this.

It's Jenn! said...

Beautiful layout and AAAAAMEN on the sentiments. You were practically speaking every word in my mind as of late. My SIL is like that, and no matter how I've tried to get her to like me, she's dead set on hating me (save for the moments she needs something or is lonely from alienating her other "friends", lol). It's one of my resolutions to stop letting it get to me. There's no changing her so why should I continue to stress on it. Let's focus on the positives in our lives. I won't be catty, and will always be kind, but that extra effort is gone, along with the stress....yes! PS, funny about the snow day. I'm in SC and people are ranting and raving about a possible snow flurry.....I come from Washington State, haha.....flurry =)

Donna said...

The Freak rocks!

This layout is amazing. I put it in my favorites at the Freak!

Kim said...

AWESOME, Pinky! I love it! My peeve is lazy co-workers and I am thinking about how I can make a layout, since it will have no pics.
I shopped Scrapfreak the other day! OMG! I got 38 items for $21.! I cannot wait to get it, got me some COOL stuff to play with! Have a GREAT Day!

Katie and Team said...

love what you did here too. Love the entry you wrote about. Can relate on so many levels. Thanks for sharing that tonight. Katie at:

Jessica said...

You go Girl!!! I agree with you totally. If ya don't like me, go find someone who cares. I certainly don't. Love the layout, it's perfect for the journaling. Thanks for sharing.

melody said...

whoa...what a powerful and well written lo chickie! wow!