Saturday, December 20, 2008

~So proud Saturday~

I am so happy today!
For the FIRST TIME EVER, my 5 yr old son spoke to Santa.
I have never in his 5 years gotten a picture with him anywhere NEAR Santa.
Even last year he would NOT go near him, not his chair, his lap, his freakin gift bag!
This year, he said "NO" , but....when we got there, he shocked his momma.
He walked right up and sat down beside him and said
"I want a Thomas The Train Canyon Track set!"
He smiled and repeated....Santa did not understand so I said it clearly.
He stayed and smiled for pictures, then got up happy as can be!

YEA!!!!! This is a HAPPY Tired momma tonight!



Jenny B in Indy said...

Awe.. congrats!!!

Love the box, too! Very pretty!

Kray said...

That is so cool your son finally spoke to Santa.

He loves Thomas train stuff? My son, who is now 19, loved it as well. I have lost count on how many pieces we have.

Nikki said...

yay! so glad he got to ask Santa for what he wanted! How cool!

Nikki said...

awwww, thats great!

Meg said...

Hooray! What great pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

That is great he talked to Santa - it does take a while to get younger ones to "warm up" to the big guy sometimes. lol

This will be a memory you will have always and Im glad you found a Santa finally !!!! lol

Erin Glee said...

Way cool! Those "breakthrough" moments for kids make for great "proud Mama" moments, don't they? Very happy for you...

Tona said...

So glad the boys finally got to see Santa. My favorite picture is the one where Gage is telling Santa what he wants & both Santa & his big brother are listening so intently.
You are a fantastic mother!

Southernbelle said...

Such a cute pic! Love the new background for the blog too! Cute!

Also, I nominated you for a blog award! Go to my blog to check it out if ya want to! ;)

meluv2scrap said...

That is great Cristal!! Merry Christmas!!

melody zahara said...

WHOOHOO! that's aweosme chickie
can't wait to see that scrapped

Anonymous said...

that is AWESOME! i love that he talked to Santa for the first time....cause he won't talk to me, but he becomes chatty kathy whenever kenny walks in the door. what's up with that?

scrappin_mom3 said...

Great pic of the boys with Santa...this is the first year I have a pic of Delaney with Santa where3 she's not screaming her head off!! She was terrified of Santa, but this year she decided she was going to sit on his lap, and she wouldn't leave! It was so cute!

ArtGirl1 said...

Oh that's funny! My older daughter was terrified of Santa too! NEVER would go up to him!

Did Santa promise the Thomas the train stuff? My girls LOVED that show and had the train set too.

:) Happy holidays to you and your family.


Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

That's sooooo kewl that he actually spoke to Santa. That a photo to treasure!

Merry Christmas girl ... hope you and your family have an awesome one!