Sunday, December 14, 2008

~Joyous Sunday~

Well, I have not scrapped much this weekend.
As the holiday approaches I find myself busier and busier.
Yesterday we finally started our shopping, usually I have it done but this year we are behind.
And today we will be visiting Santa.

It was so fun yesterday, I baked so much this week and I made little trays for all the neighbors...6 pieces of fudge...4 Rice Crispy Treats, 6 molasses cookies, 4 Chocolate chip cookies, 4 butterscotch oatmeal cookies, and last but not least...4 hand frosted sugar cookies, and of course all are home made.

I took all 3 boys and we went door to door delivering plates...simply saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and handing out the goodies...
The looks on their faces surprised me.
It was a mixture of shock and well....uncomfortable shock LOL
So I quickly said " I won't keep you just wanted to say Merry Christmas" and I stepped away.

I didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable.
I mean it is Christmas...and I do bake for neighbors, I always have.
2 of those neighbors came over with a present for my son when he fell.
So I hope it spreads a little Christmas love.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'all! and to all a good Sunday!


Jenny B in Indy said...

You're so sweet, girl!

Jocelyn said...

Ok, Pinky I coming to live in your neighborhood! I am lucky if a neighbor raises their hand and says HI and if I gave them some homemeade goodies, they would probably throw them away thinking I put poison in them! We always call ourselves a rose between two thorns! Nasty neighbors, but hey I do have one great one across the street and I just love them! You can send me a goodie box, everything sounds super yummy! I love your LO and I LOVE that you used Pink on a boys page! I always get funny looks when I use Pink on my boys pages! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, sweet friend!

Nikki said...

lol, thats alot of baking and I would happliy accept some yummy cookies if u lived in my neighborhood. what a nice thing to do for them!!!

KarenB said...

Won't you be my neighbor?

michele said...

and your post is the true spirit of Christmas.

Adrienne said...

Oh that is so sweet. I cant wait until i have a place of my own (I am sure I could do it now, but I am a weenie!). I would like a place of my own to make that name for myself. People now-a-days really do not do that for neighbors anymore! :D I appreciate your goodness!

Taffy said...

that's way kewl!! I used to do that for my neighbors when i lived in Albuquerque. One time i gave our asians neighbors some 'Xmas Treats" and for Chinese New Year's they gave us some eggrolls!! how kewl was that?!??!?

Anyway, it takes ppl a while.. Glad you got to spread some love, i'm going to bake next week. :p

Anonymous said...

You are sooo sweet!!!!!!!! Id love to be your neighbor.

meluv2scrap said...

That is so sweet of you!! People just don't do things like that anymore. It is good to see some of us still like to pass the good around to all!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Jenster said...

Maybe you'll inspire some of your neighbors to do nice things for each other! We always deliver holiday goodies to neighbors, so they're used to it, but there is always one or two who look astonished and a little concerned. I think they worry that they'll need to reciprocate, when all I really need is a thank-you.

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

You are so sweet!Wish my neighborhood was more friendlier....lucky if they raise a hand and say hello to us.

java diva said...

I LOVE that LO! I love how you use pink even though you have boys. :)

Maybe your neighbors were uncomfortable because they didn't have anything to give in return. Receiving can be so much harder than giving. And even harder, to just strings attached, no paybacks, no expectations of a return. People just aren't use to that anymore.

Keep spreading the love, girl!

melody said...

now..that's the true spirit of christmas..oh..i just wanna squeeze ya! and beautiful lo chickie..lovin all the pink..yummy