Friday, August 30, 2013

Back To School Tutorial With Xyron

Good morning friends, YES it's finally Friday! OHHH 
I have missed you Friday!! haha

I have a fun tutorial up today - a Back To School Card And Pencil Set,
using XYRON, Samantha Walker and some Clear Scraps too. 
I used this adorable and very nifty Xyron Teresa Collins Adhesive Kit
and it's a fun time let me tell ya. It has everything including an adhesive eraser!
First of all trim out 4X6 patterned paper.
Punch both sides using a border punch. 
Trim out Owl Border Paper piece. 
Peel off protective film (both sides). 
Using Teresa Collins Xyron®  Tape Runner adhere Owl Border piece
to the base of the card (front side). 
Flip card base over- apply adhesive on the back only in the places 
you have the owl border paper. 
Lay acrylic card onto border punched paper. 
Trim out schoolhouse from patterned paper. 
sticker over cut schoolhouse creating your own layered sticker. 

Apply glitter stickers inside card as shown. (Pink Paislee used). 
Trim out 2 pieces of patterned paper. 
The length of the pencil and 2- 2 1/2" with 
(if you make them just long enough they will come off so leave yourself extra rolling room)
Run the patterned paper strips though your 
Carefully roll paper around pencils. 
Using Blumenthal Lansing buttons- tie 2 owls to the pencil top with twine. 
Assemble card as directed in packaging. 
Apply paper ruler strips to card flaps after removing protective film. 
Tie twine through 2 of the owl buttons. 
Adhere school house to one side of the card flaps. 
Give with a smile and a hug! 
Now how much fun are these little goodies?
Easy and adorable fun!

I hope you enjoyed today's post- I would love to see if you make a set!
Happy Friday friends. 
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Samantha Walker said...

This is sooooo cool! I absolutely love the uniqueness of this project! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Kelly Sas said...

AWESOME! The details in this is what takes it over the top.

Leslie Germain said...

Beautiful back to school card. And oh my...I love how you covered the pencils to match. SO clever. :)