Friday, March 2, 2012

~**Winner** New Card CLASS!~

Good morning my crafty friends,

I spent yesterday on my pajamas hid away in my craft
room preparing for my next local class. It will be an acrylic
card class using the new Send It Clear Cards from Clear Scraps!
We will be making these 2 cards and one more acrylic card,
I hope to get photos today for it.
You might notice I used my cool new Pink By Design stamps
I ordered last week-Love them.
I love these cards! So much fun to make and work with.
The class will be 20.00 but you have to remember that in
The Scrap Room store the cards retail for 5.49 each! So it's
a good deal when all is said and done. Plus they are so cool!
The class will be March 11th at 2pm until 4pm, if you are near Murfreesboro,
you are welcome to bum a ride with me. I might even run early and grab lunch
We will also be making the DECO Card and embossing
the card itself, very fun!
I also have a fun GIVEAWAY coming up on Monday...
For anyone who is NOT local I have an acrylic ONLINE class
Monday I will be posting a GIVEAWAY, one seat in this online
class. It is FILLED with techniques and only 25.00! :)
If you want to grab your seat now, enrollment is open.

Let's see have I done enough advertising today?
Hey a girl's gotta pay for her boys baseball right? LOL
Now for the winner of the fun stamps I found....
Please email me or Facebook me your address, I will get these
in the mail this weekend.

Ok I am off to the tattoo shop for hubs LOL
My tattoo lady decided she was done with us I guess, he called and set up
a design for her, tried to get a tattoo done and she has totally
flaked, so I am off to find a new tattoo artist for him.
Poor guy, feels so rejected LOL Happy Friday my friends!
Thank you for popping by~


Chelle said...

Too bad you don't live near me, I have an awesome tattoo artist. Good luck. I have been loving all these clear cards that you have been making.

Jodie R said...

Pinky, you make me laugh every day! I love your attitude! It is so real and refreshing!

marla said...

Would LOVE to learn how to work with aryclics. Congrats Pinky on teaching online classes now. You are so talented and doing great with your crafting life. Keep up the good work!!

Dot said...

An opportunity to attend one of your classes is such a treat!! That would be so wonderful!

Kelly Sas said...

Great cards. Would love to attend one of your classes in person but will certainly think about an on line one. I wish I could have said it as well as the winner said about you, but I say ditto!

Creative Cutter Room said...

What awesome cards!! So pretty..would love to take one of your classes. Thanks for the inspiration. Cathie

LisaB said...

Great Cards! Wish I could spend the day in my pj in my scrap room! Thanks for sharing

{Chrissie} said...

Wow, awesome, awesome job! I love your cards!!!!