Thursday, March 8, 2012

~Hello Floral Card & Just For You~

Good morning my friends,

Quick post today, just the bare bones....the kids are headed home
after a 2 hour day. I think they make 2 hour days to mess with mom LOL

I was playing with my Kanban goodies again! I made this
Hello Floral Card using the beautiful metallic cardstock, and
the layering flowers. I also stuck a Buttons Galore flat back heart
button in the middle because it felt so right LOL
Oh the sentiment is Pink By Design, I am obsessed with stamping
lately, I need to find a manufacturer who wants me to stamp!
I also made this card using a Kanban card kit, and a butterfly punch.
I always love how sweet these cards end up, they are
pretty much completely fool proof.
Had a nice lunch with 4 friends yesterday and 2 sweet baby girls,
it was a good day. It's always nice to get out with the girls.
I have been in such a mood lately and these days really perk me up.

Thanks for popping by today, I love ya!


Kelly Sas said...

LOVE your flower and that heart button is gorgeous!!! Love back at ya Pinky!

Ziggyeor said...

cute cards! Ug why'd they make the 2hr day on a Thurs?! Have fun with the boys.

Dot said...

Love the flower on the card!!

SherriB said...

OMG! Both of your cards are beautiful, but my favorite would have to be the rose card. Love the color pink, roses and hearts!

rdc said...

Hello, today was my first time visitng your blog. I just happened to stumble upon it and WOW I love your creations, especially the flowers on the flower card . Is it your design or from a kit . I would love to make one like it. I have a couple girlfriends who enjoy learning new designs nd techniqes. Between the 3 of us we have a cricket, cuttlebug & spellbinder so we can really create almost anything. Assuming of course if we can follow and understand the instrctions.....LOL....We just love making cards and I love scrap booking too. We have started a new project, "zentangle". Have you heard if it? With your creativity I think it would be a unique technique to add to your creations. I recommend you check it out.
Thank you for sharing your life and your beautiful creations. I have bookmarked your blog so i will be anxiously waiting to see what you make and share next.

Awed by your talent and appreciate your kindness to share.