Sunday, March 11, 2012

~Backyard Bunnies- Class Is Open...~

Good morning my friend,

Whew what a weekend so far~
We had a sweet Friday night with little Payton.
Payton was getting tired so hubs decided to put her in a laundry
basket with a bowl of goldfish, it was pretty much the cutest thing
I had ever seen, where he comes up with these ideas I have no clue LOL
I think he would cut off his right arm for this sweety pie~

Baseball is in full swing and we just found out our youngest
son needs glasses, so we crammed that in the weekend too.
This layout was one of my digital layouts using the
Samantha Walker digital lines. Just thought I would share
since I am hoping to feel spring soon.
I also wanted to give a heads up reminder about the class that begins Tuesday!
Hurry grab your seat now!! :)
My first class is one of my first loves...ACRYLIC mini albums.
Clear Scraps sponsored this class and it will be sharing alot of
my secret (not so secret) techniques and how to's.
This is gong to be fun, you can log in day or not.
For those of you who craft at midnight while the kids are asleep, or those who
wake up at 5am and craft, this is perfect.
Plus there is a forum to ask questions in, there will be at least 35 minutes
of step by step videos- plus downloadable PDF files WITH
photos in each file step by step. It is all VERY clear and I worked
very hard on it. Each individual segment took em at least 6 hours
to prepare, so it is well thought out for sure.
Plus I share tips along the way.
Here is the link to the classroom
I have more classes planned already! But I hope this first one
is a success. There is no way I could teach this class in person
with all the supplies for this price, so it's cool that you can use your own
stash and I can actually do heavy technique driven classes
at this price point. I am very excited and put my heart into it!

That's it for me today, I REALLY need to create and also
yes it's baseball again LOL Have a wonderful Sunday my friends~



Drayia said...

Would love to join it and just might regardless but I can't get acrylic here and shipping from ClearScraps to Canada is crazy. Love the front cover!

Ziggyeor said...

LOL Payton is adorable. I used to sit in my laundry basket all the time. Even as a teen. My Mom would see me sitting in front of the tv in the basket rather than the couch or anywhere else :p
Love the bunny LO. See you and me think alike, we take pictures. Steve or Rick we would have had Rabbit stew.