Saturday, March 17, 2012

~Sick Day & Embossed Card- New Glasses!~

Good morning and Happy Saturday my friends!

I took the day off from everything yesterday, I had two very sick
boys at home plus I am still sick, so I headed to the Dr. for the boys.

But I did have this card I created this week using the wonderful KanBan
goodness and embossing powders. I also used a hummingbird KanBan stamp.
I just wanted to make a soft and pretty card, but for the life of me
I could not get that stamped Thank You to show up on my camera LOL
I also wanted to share Gage's new glasses with you, because
he was so happy to be able to see! He walked around saying
"Momma I can see that sign way over there!!" I never even realized
he had a vision problem, but it was so bad. I bet he is relieved.
The Dr. gave us plenty of medicine for my sick boys, from steroids
to antibiotics, it's going to be a long weekend BUT next week is
Spring Break so I am happy they will all be well then!! :)
Maybe I will squeeze in some creative time in between meals,
and being the ultimate mom taxi LOL

Happy Saturday everyone, thanks for coming by~


Ziggyeor said...

Pretty card, I like that stamp.
Gage looks sharp in his new glasses!
His story reminds me one of a little boy who got to try on someones glasses and said "I didn't know you were supposed to see every leaf on the tree."

Dot said...

Wow! Spring break already! We don't have it for a couple of weeks yet. The new glasses look sharp! Look the anger birds shirt too!

Fluffles said...

Just started the Hunger Games myself, & lovin the book. Great ear-rings too & I know where they appear in the story as a brooch! Really clever use of punches, Jx