Monday, March 5, 2012

~Weekend Scrapbooking & Misting!~

Good morning my crafty friends,

Whew what a weekend, full of storms, cleaning, baseball and more!
Saturday night my friend Jennifer came over and we worked
on my craft room until midnight! It was so fun actually.
So weird because she just calms me down and makes organizing actually
not make me want to die! LOL

It also cleared the way for me to sit down and scrap on Sunday for a
moments. While the insurance adjuster was here for my hubby's car.
This was perfect for the Authentique March Challenge!
I decided it was time to scrap my tattoo, because I waited so
long to get one and it meant so much to me.
Since the Celebrate Life kit from Scraptastic Club felt so artsy
I thought it would be the perfect fit for me! :)
I used the Washi tape and tons of spritz too from the add-on.
Oh but the alphas were from last month's kit.
I liked the match.

Ok on to the car, poor hubby's card was pelted with hail on Saturday
in Nashville, needless to say it's about 3500.00 in damage and the
hood and trunk it totaled, so it needs to be repaired when we get a chance.
Thankfully hubby was safe, I had so many friends caught in the tornado zone.
We are so very blessed.

Now I know I promised a giveaway to my class today but it's not
quite set up, so stay tuned, it will be this week!
Have a wonderful Monday my friends, thank YOU for stopping by!


Kelly Sas said...

Yea for tatoos! So glad you scrapped yours already. Also glad to hear your hubby was safe during the storm. It breaks my heart to see all the damage on TV.

Jeannie from said...

Oh my heck! You are such a NUT! A Hello Kitty Tattoo? Only you could pull it off! If I had all the money in the world I'd buy a brand new convertible pink VW bug and send it your way!
Love your layout! AWESOME!!

Ziggyeor said...

Love that you scrapped the tat. Love the papers you used.

Sorry to hear about Andrew's Car! I hope it gets taken care of quickly and I'm glad he was safe.

Loris said...

Just found you through the blog hop. Nice work. I liked the recipe for a homemade chalkboard.

Ashley Rock said...

Love all the misting!! Great take on the sketch!