Friday, March 9, 2012

~Lacy Lace Basket~

Good morning my friends,

Well after the hub bub and run around yesterday for our 2 hour
day, I did finally sit down to play with paper, I made this Lacy Lace Basket.
and my new Cameo machine, it was cool but the last part did not cut
perfectly so I think I need to change the blade setting.
I am pretty sure it was my fault, it usually is LOL Anyways
I made it to set out with lace in it, just for looks :)
I used Momenta paper, I am pretty happy with it. Perfect for spring~
I think I am going to try again with my blade set deeper and a
thicker card-stock so it will hold candy too.

Now off to grab the teenager today, he has a 2 hour day today too.
Oh hey any of you own the Kindle Fire? I just ordered one, I am hoping it
is wonderful. I order books and store them in my computer,
I am hoping because they are Kindle books I can use them in my Kindle too
not just my Kindle App on my iPad. I actually got it for the boys.
They love to read but often I cannot find books without hunting
them down online and ordering them. I thought this would be easier.
Let me know if you love/hate yours. :) Appreciate it!~


Anonymous said...

Dont you just love these new files from Silhouette!!! I created the other one and made a mini to set inside!!! This is very pretty and I have to cut this one out too!!! hehehhe

jrugg said...

Cute basket! I love my kindle fire-good choice!

Ziggyeor said...

Pretty basket. Steve just has the tablet and he has the Nook Ap. My Mom has the Kindle Fire and it's pretty cool. The only thing Steve didn't like about it was you couldn't expand memory for it.

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Very pretty, I cut one last night just to see how the cameo would handle it and it turned out perfectly! Love my Silhouette!!! Your basket is beautiful!!!

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Pinky this is stunning! I really need to get a Cameo! It's on my list for 2012. : )

I don't have a Kindle, I just got my i-Pad 2 earlier this year. Haven't gotten into reading books on it yet but hope to soon!